The no guarantor loan is the most sought after unsecured loan format in the UK. Most of the people requiring a small amount for short-term prefer no guarantor debt because of its salient benefits. This credit facility is available for almost all the UK citizens over 18 years age irrespective to location and even the credit score. The easy availability through multiple resources keeps it in high demand.

Lending Market of the UK:

By today, the significant majority of a sector has achieved complete regulatory authorization. The affordability assessment before lending has become the essential feature of operators in the lending sector. Private lenders have enhanced their focus on expenditure assessments and income both to ensure the on the time repayment. The processes tightening and more responsible lending are being commenced to reduce the due debt amount but the progression of lending sector defies this logic. In between 2014 to 2016, the overall outstanding balance of lending agencies grew at 0. 9% p.a… The credit cards and point of finance sale were the largest growth drivers. The growth of the market was contributed by other factors also:

  • Expansion of supply chain
  • Increased maturity of lenders
  • Greater funds availability at retailers
  • Enhanced consumer confidence
  • Availability of alternative lending resources like credit unions

The Spending Habit of the UK Borrowers:

No Guarantor Loans


The demise of numbers of high street major stalwarts and downturn in the number of British people shopping at high streets outlets is the evidence that the priorities of financially constraint households are changing. Figures reveal that households tend to spend less on dresses and outside eating but spending more on cars, entertainment, holidays etc. The UK buyers are spending on experiences more than spending on products. For example, the number of new cars registered in April 2018 touched the highest level for 13 years. The funding for making the purchases and to have dream experiences is being arranged through borrowing. During a recent survey conducted over 2000 UK households, very low percentage of people accepted for being concerned for debts that they owe.

Personal Unsecured Borrowing – A Growing Necessity:

Most of the UK people often need small cash help to meet out the living expenses and to pay out the monthly dues. The rising inflation rate, job switchover, unsteady income, rising living expenses, increasing food cost, insecure business environment business of possible Brexit etc are the prime reasons for experiencing financial difficulties. People avoid mortgage loan because of requiring small cash for short-term; therefore, they turn to get no guarantor personal loan. The most of mainstream regular banks demand a good credit report thus a majority of no guarantor loan applications are rejected leaving the borrowers to approach the private lenders. The direct lenders welcome bad credit holders for short-term lending tailored to meet out their particular concerns; while the FCA’ regulation strengthens the borrower’s confidence in private lending.

The financial crisis is a serious drain on your wallet and bank balance. Asking for money from the family and friends will only increase the embarrassment. Taking a loan is not a bad thing. But the conventional banking system has its own obligations, in the form of countless eligibility criteria, which your bad credit history can never qualify. Otherwise, they would have given you an appropriate financial solution. But still, there is a hope for you, As the direct lenders want to give you financial backup like loan with no guarantor.

Not to worry at all…

In the form of direct lending option, you have a bright ray of hope. Such sorts of loans support you so efficiently, that you will not only get rid of your money crisis, but also get the chance to improve your credit ratings. Besides, their policy of ‘no questions asked’ prevents you from the embarrassing questions on the purpose of the loan.

A Proper Research is required

To stay away from some marketing jargons, you do a little research and you can always expect to get lucrative loan deals on bad credit loans with no guarantor, including low-interest rates and reasonably priced APRs. Let the virtual loan market take care of your money crisis. They know well how to tackle the financial traumas.

Types Of Popular No Guarantor Credits:

No Guarantor Credits

Everyone has a different set of parameters to justify the borrowing; therefore, lenders offer a variety of unsecured credits:

  • Personal loans: The payday loan is the most sought after credit facility; it is the best pick for the small cash needs for short-term as the standard repayment period is up the 28 days or up to the next salary date. The complete amount is to be paid back in a single installment on payday.
  • Social loans by credit unions: These unions are formed by the local investors to help the financially tight people. The lending is done at a comparatively low interest rate but generally for short-term.
  • Bad credit loans: The numbers of direct lenders offer bad credit loans to help the people having the debts or pending dues already. Although this financial help is costlier but getting the cash help on the time matters a lot.
  • Debt consolidation loans: These credits are provided to help the people consolidate multiple high-interest rate debts into one debt at a lower interest rate.

Concluding Note:

The available figures from the lending industry highlight that the overdue no guarantor loan amount is mounting up day by day. The more UK households are failing in maintaining the scheduled repayments because of various reasons; perfect borrowing strategy is must make this any time cash facility affordable.

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