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How to Pick the Best Bathroom Vanity Unit

A bathroom vanity unit comprises of a basin with storage space beneath, ideal for giving your bathroom a modern appearance while enhancing its utility. As vanity units are available in a variety of sizes and styles, selecting the best one for your new or renovated bathroom layout can be a tough job. That’s the reason why this post is written, to help you select the most appropriate bathroom vanity unit for your sweet home.

Find Out Your Storage Requirements:

First and foremost you want your vanity unit to be highly-functional and look contemporary. Before you hunt for brand new vanity units, you may want to clean up your bathroom while just keeping what you need, which will help you to evaluate actual storage requirements. Vanity units with double basins are ideal for bigger families as it offers lots of storage space for everyone in the home. 

Get the Size Right: 

Well, before selecting a vanity unit, you should evaluate the space in which you wish to install it, so it’s vital to take exact measurements. And once you have identified how much space you have for the new vanity unit, you’ll be in a better position to confirm your options effortlessly. 

Choose a Desirable Colour:

Most of the time, people hunt for vanity units that nicely blend with the colour of their existing bathroom furnishings; however, there is utterly no reason why you can’t select a unit that brings new colours to space. If you want your bathroom to get a designer ambiance, then you might be interested in exploring the latest coloured vanity units. 

Conversely, for plush bathrooms, the white gloss vanity units are the biggest sellers as they harmonise the appearance of any bathroom. 

Consider Placement:

Vanity units are intended to make your bathroom more useful and resourceful, making it vital to find a unit that won’t come in the way. See to it that your new vanity unit doesn’t block access to the bathroom or shower door. 

If you fit the new vanity unit in place of your old bathroom sink then you can easily install it in the same space. But if you want to get it installed as a wall-mounted unit or would like to relocate your vanity, you may need to re-route the pipework that often demands taking out your existing floor tiles and fitting new ones.  

Material Selection:

Majority of vanity units are made out of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) material that is robust and appealing. Usually, MDF units have white gloss finish while the MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) alternative comes in a wide range of colours and wood-effect finishes including timber appearance. 

Moreover, position your vanity unit away from the showers and bathtubs – that’s because as both of these materials are resistant to water, they aren’t fully waterproof. Also, it’s vital to wipe and clean spills and splashes as they occur. 

Wall Mounted or Floor Standing:

Wall-mounted vanity units use the space resourcefully and they look ultra-modern, making a style statement. Moreover, they help to sweep the floor effortlessly. 

Conversely, floor standing bathroom vanity units are simpler to install and are more budget-friendly option compared to wall-mounted ones. 

Vanity for Small or Compact Bathrooms:

Different types of slimline units are available that can make even the smallest and the compact of spaces highly-functional, modern and stylish. 

Besides, corner vanity units are the ideal alternative for ineptly shaped bathroom and cloakroom suites. 

Mixer Tap – The Concluding Touch:

Basin mixer taps are perfect for the stylish basin that sits over the vanity beautifully, which will give the final touch to your bathroom vanity installation in Sydney. 

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