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Tips to Find the Best Colleges for Aspirants seeking B.Tech Admission 2020

Year 2020 has been a year full of twists due to unpredictable circumstances created by COVID-19 pandemic.

Year 2020 has been a year full of twists due to unpredictable circumstances created by COVID-19 pandemic. Exam postponed, entrance exam dates delayed, and so many other things happened that left everyone puzzled. In fact, the situation is still so critical and all the assumptions by the experts are proving miserably wrong. The admission sessions have been postponed and students are yet to take a few of their board exams.

Anyways, the pending exams will be conducted and students will take admission in this year – this is also a reality about 2020. So, thinking in the direction of admissions would be a wise move. Choosing a college is the most challenging thing for students seeking the engineering studies. There are so many engineering colleges and everyone is claiming to be the best. Hence, the B.Tech admission 2020 aspirants need to take every single step ahead watchfully. 

Let’s know about the factors to think before taking admission in an engineering college.

Innovation in studies

Engineering is not all about studies. When you mix your innovation with the knowledge then only the inventions take birth. You must shortlist a college only after ensuring if it offers its students an arena to innovate their knowledge. The students of the best engineering college in Hyderabad invented Black Pearl – an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle which is a landmark invention in mechanical engineering. Such colleges should be on top of your priority list. 

Research labs

Research is synonymous with engineering. Where is engineering, there is research. You should always check the number of research labs in an engineering college. An ideal engineering college has separate research labs for all the branches of engineering. The research labs at good colleges are run in partnership with top companies to keep the students ahead in terms of advanced technological knowledge.   

Academic tie-ups 

The esteemed engineering colleges in our country have academic tie-ups with the renowned foreign students to exchange knowledge. Their students get the opportunity to study one of their semesters in India and vice-versa. You should always keep in mind to check the academic collaborations of the college. Also, you must collect the information about the foreign universities with whom they have tie-ups.  


You should remember one thing that a good engineering ahs all the faculty members with a doctorate degree. The great faculty members are not only experienced in academics but they are backed by the industry experience too, which helps them teach the students with an industry-academia interface. Apart from the college website, you should also check the LinkedIn pages of the faculty members to gain more insights into their experience level.    


Ultimately, the time comes in the last phase of your engineering study when you start your struggle to get an offer through campus placement drives. Before you take admission, know about the placement records of the college in past 3 years at least. Check how many recruiters add up each year on an average, raise in highest & average CTC, type of companies visiting the campus, etc. for a detailed analysis of placement scenario. 

Hope you find your desired engineering college with the help of aforesaid factors.

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