Technology Relationship

What is The Best Way to Manage Technology in Relationships?

The pocket technological revolution of the 20th century, which ushered in all kinds of neat palm-sized and consumer-friendly gadgets (with most of these being Internet-enabled) into the consumer marketplace, has in many ways had a decisive impact on the means through which we conduct our Technology Relationships. The term ‘relationship’ normally comes associated with the […]

Olivia Gold

YouTube Couple Gives Relationship Goals, Olivia Gold Talks About the reason behind their success

In a world of insta-well-known couples, there’s no longer one pretty like Olivia Gold. Made from splendor Youtuber Olivia Gold and rapper Will were given the juice. This pair has attracted almost 800k youtube followers, hundreds of Instagram followers, fan pages and greater — in six months. Already wearing a huge following personally, Olivia Gold […]