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No More Phubbing: Decide Your Child’s Screen Time

There is a new phenomenon on the block is called ‘phubbing’. Phubbing is the habit of ignoring social life and people surrounding and spending excessive time on smart devices. Study revealed, that new phenomenon has snatched even sleeping time, study time, playing time, socialization time and even time for basic daily chores.

Average US children’s screen time is around 44.5 hours per week. Now, question is what is screen time? Screen time is a span of time or to be more precise the total duration that a person spends in front of a digital screen including TV, Laptop, Desktop, Mobile, Video Game and Tablet. Instead of any professional reasons when someone spends too much time in front of screen then it’s creates issues.

Phubbing and internet addiction, these two are intertwined with each other and modern US moms are resolving that crisis by taking following steps:

Installing Smartest Home Internet Technology: The very first step is installing most advanced internet technology at home. Presently, most modern home internet technology is Mesh router system. Not only high speed and wireless network; that smart device provides many other facilities as well.

Attach All Smart Devices Easily: That latest technology does not need any software installation or additional gadgets. Just uploading an app from Google Play or App Store is first step and then uploadingall smart home devices info in it is the second and final step. Shifting from old system to new system has never been easier.

Giving Constant Notification: The security of the app follows user everywhere; even when in other network or in public network. It also provides updates about the browsing activities of connected devices and automatically block all inappropriate sites and intruders. That device ask parent system before giving access to a new device and any unauthorized device gets blocked instantly. Therefore, not only hacking even the next door neighbor is also blocked from unauthorized access.

Setting Parental Control Timer: This Wi-Fi router with time control featurescan control the total time someone would get to be online. That particular feature is enough to kill the phubbing habits of children; since, the facility of the app based system follows user everywhere.

Advanced Network Protection: The state of the art data protection feature provides complete data encryption with malware filtering facility. Not only that. In fact every information comes in home network system once those information are automatically checked and approved by the system.

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