Diamond Jewelry: Creating A Charming Princess Look

In this write up, find out a few ways to do exactly that with the help of diamond jewelry that can be found in the diamond stores Los Angeles has to offer.

Ever since childhood, almost every woman dreams of being a princess. All these fascination and stories are root germination from the moving pictures and story books. As a child, we watch movies and shows where a princess has to perform trials and tribulations to become worthy of their title. This exciting journey inspires us to walk the same road as those fictional characters and experience the same adventures.

The desire to be a princess is exponential from a very young age. However, our exposure to what a princess should be comes only from pop culture. Very few had a general idea of what a real-life princess would look like or would be like. All we had was Disney princesses or the idea of a princess from various storybooks and fairytales. This led to us dressing up like them. Perhaps, there was some elegance and essence of royalty in their jewelry which captured the eye in the crowd. Princesses carrying a crown, a handful of rings, a beautiful necklace shimmering in the light, etc which eventually completes their charming look

Let us just glance over the situations where you can make yourself look like a princess. For instance, if you are participating in a cosplay fashion show in which you have to dress up like the Disney Princess. Or, on your engagement day, what if your party theme is Disney Princess, or you have to attend a party that demands a similar type of dress up. So, now let’s find out a few ways to do exactly that with the help of diamond jewelry that can be found in the diamond stores Los Angeles has to offer.

1. Diamond and pearl together embodies elegance

We have often seen royals wearing pearl necklaces or earrings. In fact, pearls are a staple choice of kings and queens. Many royal queens and princesses have worn pearls on their wedding days, including Queen Elizabeth II. Now mix pearl with diamond and the result is a spectacle like no other. A delicate mother of pearl necklace with a diamond chain intertwined will evoke the same childhood feeling of mystery and fantasy. A pearl band with a breathtaking diamond centerpiece will do the same trick. Match it up with a dainty pearl earring surrounded by smaller dazzling diamonds and you get the whole set to look as alluring as a princess.

2. We have to talk about the tiara

When we think about a princess, the first thing that comes to mind is the eye smashing radiance of a tiara. Every royal, no matter the country, carries a tiara with grace and a gregarious personality. However, a tiara isn’t something that can be put on every day. It will look extremely tacky and tasteless. Although for the right occasion a tiara can bring forth charm and sophistication like no other. The right occasion being the wedding day.

As a bride, the wedding day is yours to dress however you want. No one will criticize you for your jewelry choices. Wear a gleaming diamond tiara to draw in everybody’s eyes and get the feeling of being a true princess. It will be exactly how you imagined as a child. You with a radiating piece of jewelry and everybody gasping for breath, taken in by your beauty and enchantment.

3. A diamond brooch and a ring always does the trick

A simple diamond brooch may not seem like princess-worthy jewelry. But make no mistake, almost every royalty fastens a diamond brooch. Queen Letizia of Spain sometimes wore an Ansorena diamond brooch that forms a fleur-de-lys (symbol of the Bourbon, ruling house of Spain). So add a splash of sparkle to your clothing while you go to church or other social events. This simple yet whimsy piece of jewelry will make you stand out from the rest and give you a charming princess look.

Now comes the value of a simple diamond ring. Buy an engagement ring with a princess cut. Is it a little too on the nose? we don’t think so. The name is princess cut for a reason. The combination of the brilliant cut and the altered square shape gives this diamond a bit more prestige and glamor while maintaining a great deal of brilliant sparkle. This will not only quench your thirst for appearing like a princess but will also get you a precious piece of jewelry forever for you to keep.

Be it a full-body ensemble of matching pieces of jewelry or a simple ring. Diamond will always elicit the feeling of enchanting forest and magical kingdoms while keeping you down to earth with the feeling of realism. It is the best of both worlds of diamond stores Los Angeles has.



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