A Comprehensive Guide to Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis

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Construction is one of the riskiest businesses in the world. It also faces frequent cases of conflict between contractors and landowners. One of the most important reasons for conflicts is schedule forensic delay in construction projects.

What is Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis?

Schedule forensic delay analysis is the investigation and analysis of the delay in the project using the strategies of critical path method. The term forensic denotes the factor of analysis after the completion of the project.

Forensic schedule delay analysis is not so complicated; however, it can cause disputes among the involved parties. Therefore, involved parties mostly hire the services of quantum experts to get the analysis report, as well as strategies to resolve the issues.

This article will provide a detailed guide about schedule forensic delay analysis and commonly used methods to perform this analysis.

Commonly Used Methods to Perform Schedule Forensic Delay Analysis

The schedule forensic delay analysis is an important strategy to analyze different perspectives that can contribute to delays of projects. The experts utilize a few methods and strategies to perform this kind of analysis.

Feel free to explore the below-mentioned points to get in-depth detail about the commonly used methods of performing schedule forensic delay analysis.

Time Impact Analysis

Time impact analysis is one of the most commonly used methods of performing schedule forensic delay analysis. This method explores the delay caused due to the occurrence of an unplanned event. The experts not only analyze the situation but also quantify the damages using this technique.


As-Planned vs. As-Built Analysis

As planned vs. as-built is another important analysis method used by experts for schedule forensic delay analysis. As evident from the name, the experts utilize this type of method to identify the difference in the planning and execution of the construction project. They also highlight the factors, as well as the role of involved parties in causing the issues.

Windows Analysis

Window analysis is another commonly used method for performing schedule forensic delay analysis. By implementing this method, the experts analyze different windows of the construction project and identify the factors which hindered the execution of planned projection. 

Collapsed As-Built

Collapsed as-built is another method used for schedule forensic delay analysis, which is quite common. By the application of this method, the experts analyze the completion of the project by excluding the concurrent delays in order to identify the pace of the project.

Unable to understand the technicalities?

Well, it can be difficult for any person. If you are facing delays in construction projects, there is no need for developing a conflict with other parties. You can hire the services of a quantum expert and get a detailed analysis report about the responsible parties and factors of delay. In addition to it, you can also get an expert opinion to resolve the issues and minimize your loss.  

So, do not indulge in conflicts and let the experts handle the situation for you. Hire the best expert now to ensure the speedy progress of your project.


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