Germany’s most famous Indian restaurant – Flavour Of India

Flavourof India-Germany's most famous Indian restaurant.

Stylish Indian Restaurant in Germany

They say that food takes you right to a man's heart. Well, believe that this holds true for anyone and everyone, not just men! So when your tummy craves to experience a foodie roller coaster ride or enjoy good times with your family or friends and you are way too bored to hit the kitchen, what do you do? You search for the best restaurants in Germany to satisfy that craving in your heart. Every city has its own charm and the local cuisine sometimes really adds to it beautifully. There are many restaurants in Germany which will take you to a whole new delicious world. From pastas and continental cuisine to burgers, sea food and more, you will find it all here!

If you are looking for restaurants in Cologne Germany, then you can't really missFlavour Of India an India restaurant, where you get to indulge in some authentic Indian food as you sink into a soothing ambience! One thing we all share on Earth is the love for food. Every home has a savorer whose dream is to try each and everything. Then when we're in Germany you can conjure of any food you want to have around the globe. No matter if you seek Indian, Italian, Chinese, Continental or its native hand dishes similar as Pasta, Beavertails etc. But if you like to tease your taste- kids more frequently, also Indian food must have been on the top of your list.

Entire Indian cookery is full of racy and pleasurable dishes, ever ready to make you crave for further. But we tend to believe no matter how numerous cuffs are there around the corner, the particular taste belongs to its origin only. What if we say that is not the case then! Being a savorer, we always keep looking for commodity new and we've been at aplace called "Flavourof India" best restaurant in Germany which would constrain your lingo with their entire range of marvelous Indian dishes. The menu ranges from Sweeties. Kheer, GulabJamun, India Ice-Cream, Mango Dream etc. (we're mouthwatering at the moment) and Indian dishes similar as Mix Vegetable, Vegetable Mango Curry, Vegetable Korma, AluPalak etc. The most favored particulars are Dal Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala, MalaiKofta, Saag, and Roti. The air of the place and heart- drinking treatment makes you fall more in the place. Veggies are die hard suckers of rubbish or paneer! If you ask them their favorite cutlet also I go paneer pakora will eclipse the list. Dipped in the batter of chickpea flour and served as per your taste! The way it dissolves in the mouth makes you crave for further! The unique taste makes it stand out of the main course and make people try it formerly and follow it for the rest of life. You just cannot leave the place until your breadbasket is full up to its top and you need two men to drop you at home. LOL! We go you will not be suitable to skip this place presently. This place entirely makes a person feel happy and satisfied. If you're a savorer and need a place to relax and try commodity new also this is the one.

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