Happy Retirement

Give Yourself A Happy Retirement With Up To 8.95% Interest Rate On FD By Bajaj Finance

Each one of us will get retired one day, and life after retirement can be much better when you have saved enough while you were working. There are many investment options for retirees, and therefore, you need to be careful while choosing the best one for you.

It is advisable to go for high-risk investments when you have just started investing. As you approach your retirement years, it is advisable to go for low-risk investments. NBFCs like Bajaj Finance provide FD for senior citizens that not only offer high returns but also ensure the safety of your investments.

Why is Bajaj Finance FD a good investment option for senior citizens?

High-interest rates 

  • The senior citizen FD rates are as high as 8.95%, which make them one of the best investment options available in the market for retirees.

  • Also, the interest rates remain fixed and do not get modified or changed after applying for an FD.

  • The senior citizen FD rates offered by Bajaj Finance are 0.35% higher than regular FD rates.

Online tools and application


  • Retirees can now manage multiple FD accounts through online management account tool, Experia.

  • Bajaj Finance also provides tools like an online FD calculator which allow you to predict their earnings in advance.

  • Senior citizens don’t need to stand in queues for completing the formalities and procedures while applying for an FD. They just need to submit their application through the online portal and an executive will visit their home to collect the deposit cheque, documents, and to give further information as well. The process is quick, hassle-free, and convenient for senior citizens.

  • Also, there are over 200 branches of Bajaj Finance across India which provide easy accessibility to the senior citizens.

Periodic earnings

  • Senior citizens can collect their interest earnings upon maturity of the FD, or they can also opt for periodic interest payouts.

  • With non-cumulative FDs, the frequency of periodic interest payouts can be set to monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly, thereby ensuring a continuous stream of income to meet monthly expenses effortlessly.


  • FDs are low-risk investments since they are safe from changing market conditions and fluctuations. This is not true for other market-linked investment options.

  • Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit from Bajaj Finance is rated highly safe and stable by CRISIL’s FAAA/stable rating and ICRA’s MAAA/stable rating. This means that your investments are not only immune to market fluctuations, but will also fetch you guaranteed returns.


  • In comparison to bank fixed deposits, the process for liquidating Bajaj Finance FD is relatively easier. Liquidity terms are not as stringent as in the case of bank FDs.

  • You can go for premature withdrawal of your FD whenever you face a financial crisis.

  • Senior citizens can also avail loans against a fixed deposit at the time of financial or medical emergencies. These loans can be repaid in easy installments, and the FD investments can be kept intact for the future.

These are the reasons which make Bajaj Finance FD for senior citizens an attractive option for retirees. The application procedure is easy and hassle-free and the senior citizen FD rates are good enough to provide you sizeable returns, especially when you are opting for long-term FDs. You can start investing with a minimum investment amount of Rs. 25,000 and further ladder your investments by distributing the corpus in multiple FD accounts.

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