Best Guidance To Overcome Your Dog From Sleep Apnea

Just like us humans, dogs do fall into the clutches of various issues as they age. Besides joint pains, anxiety, and more, there is one daunting issue that is called Sleep Apnea.

Dogs with sleep apnea can get pretty uncomfortable when they sleep. And when the whole pattern settles in and occurs on a regular basis, our mate gets affected to the very core. Knowing that your dog is suffering from sleep apnea can get a bit tricky as these signs often go unnoticed. However, when you start monitoring closely, you’d notice that urgent help is required.

For what’s worth, we could guide you through the whole problem and how you can help your pup combat it. Let’s start with the signs you need to observe.

Signs That Tell You That Your Dog Might Have Sleep Apnea

  • Disturbed Breathing: First signs are noticed when you look at your dog struggling to breathe freely in his sleep. Usually, there is a break in between where the breathing stops for a few seconds followed by a sudden gasp and a deep inhale. If this happens frequently, know that this is what experts call dog sleep apnea.

  • Troubled Sleeping: This is not just the hampered sleep we are looking at. Your mate might snore louder than what you heard earlier. Other than that, the sleep pattern now looks all fatigued and the dog snoozes more than ever. However, it might be normal for some dogs to have more snooze breaks and snore loudly. Still, one must take their pet to the vet to ensure that everything is on track.

  • The Dog Frequently Wakes Up: If you see your mate popping out of his sleep frequently, you have got to monitor if anything is wrong. It is often the sleep apnea that gets your dog to wake up and take a sudden gasp for breathing to continue. Observing these signs by now must give you an idea of what it actually is.

  • Fatigue, Sleepiness & Depression: If this continues to happen for a longer period of time, your dog can fall into depression. You can notice early signs such as daytime fatigue and sleepiness. Headaches are often related to it. Other issues might too combine with sleep apnea to trouble your dog in his sleep. Again, an expert; your dog’s vet is a solution for this.

How do you get your dog to overcome Sleep Apnea?

Often it is the vet that prescribes the dos and don’ts in this case. However, one should always know about a few things that one can do to start the sudden treatment. Here is how you can help your dog out.

  • Start With Enhancing Sleep Quality: Often it is the troubled sleep before the onset of the issue that disturbs your dog. If possible, get a new orthopedic chew-resistant dog bed. It not only allows for a night of better sleep but is also aimed at minimizing pains arising in dogs. A chew resistant dog bed stays intact on one end and enhances the dog’s sleep on the other.

  • Treat Allergies: Allergies are one of the major causes that can trouble the dog with sleep apnea. There are certain medications prescribed by the vet in this case. Once the allergies are dropped down to low levels, your dog can start to feel a lot lighter, breathe better, and sleep peacefully during his ‘me time.

  • Develop Exercising Habit: Sleep Apnea can also happen if your dog is overweight and the obesity has hit him. Such cases demand exercising and removing excess fat to let the dog breathe freely overnight. Such rectifications do demand time from the owner and one should always be up to the task if he notices the symptoms mentioned above.

  • Surgical Treatment: Your dog’s vet is your sure-shot solution to treating your dog right. Often the pup has a malformed air passage that causes troubled breathing. In that case, surgery is performed. Other than that, the vet can prescribe medicines if there are any; to treat your dog’s unique condition.

What more can you do for your Dog’s Smooth Sleeping?

Other than getting fluffy chew-proof dog beds and getting to the vet, you as the pet owner can adopt a few measures to let your mate attain sounder sleep. Here are a few steps to infuse:

  • Focus on maintaining a proper diet for your dog. Too much food on the platter can get your dog to develop serious health issues and not just trouble to sleep.

  • A strict and uniform sleeping schedule formulated can do better in several aspects; in daytime playfulness, the sleep segment, and more.

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