Here’s Why You Should Add Google Reviews To Your Website

Add Google Reviews To Your Website

Improving the performance of the brand’s website has always been a challenging task for most brands and businesses. In fact, improving the website’s performance is an extremely important and crucial task as the brand’s website is the first point of contact between a brand and its potential customers. 

The website of a brand is a reflection of what your brand stands for along with its motto. Moreover, it gives an insight to the customers about the products and services of a brand. All this means that the content quality of your website needs to be on point and needs to be engaging enough to convert your prospects. 

Google reviews have become a major content contributor for most brands to significantly bring more credibility to their website. By embedding a Google review widget on website, brands can enjoy the amazing benefits that we will be talking about in this post. 

By the time you reach the conclusion of this blog, we are certain you will be convinced to embed a Google review widget on your website. 

Without any further ado, let’s get started with the pointers right away! 

Top Reasons To Embed Google Reviews On Your Website 

  • More dwell time = More engagement 

If you are a brand and are searching for means to increase your website’s overall engagement, then following this strategy can be a complete game-changer for your business website. People love following what other existing customers of a brand are saying about its products and their overall experience. 

When your users see the embedded Google reviews on your website, they will be pushed to increase their stay time on the website, leading to more dwell time and eventually more engagement on the website. 

  • Build your brand’s social proof

One of the biggest and most important reasons to embed Google reviews on the website is that it enables the users to create social proof of the brand. The shopping scenario has changed manifolds and customers are much smarter and more likely to make their decisions wisely. 

Hence, embedding the validation of your customers can be the most effective way to display the social proof of your brand. Google reviews give an insight to your prospects about how much your customers are liking your products and vouch for your brand. Moreover, customers trust the recommendations of your customers more seriously than the promotional content published by the brand itself! 

  • Improve your brand’s overall presence 

Even though the content bit of a website is extremely important, the other elements of the website like the design bit cannot be overlooked! The best way to attract your customers are keeping them engaged with your content is by making your website aesthetically pleasing.

By using an effective social media aggregation tool, you will be able to easily create a well customized and brought together Google review widget, that can immediately revamp the entire look and feel of your website. Not only will it make your website more attractive, but it will also garner sufficient attention from your website visitors. 

  • Better relationship with customers 

When you embed the google review widget on your website, you showcase the loyalty of your existing customers. Resulting which, when your customers visit your website, they will be delighted to see their reviews displayed on your website, leading to a deeper connection between you and your customers. 

Additionally, the strategy can help you instill trust and confidence in your customers. Your new website visitors may not be able to trust your products completely in the first go. Embedding Google reviews can be a game-changer for your business as it will allow you to instill trust and confidence in your prospects, leading to a better overall relationship.  

  • More sales & conversions

More sales and conversions come when your potential customers are completely convinced and ready to make a purchase from your brand. Once you enjoy all the above benefits, you will easily be able to grow your sales and conversions significantly. 

Moreover, here’s a fun fact – More than 80% of potential customers leverage User-Generated content in their purchase-related decision and before finalizing a brand. Google reviews fall under the category of User-Generated content and it will tremendously increase your sales and conversions. 

Final Thoughts 

This brings us to the end of this post and you got to know about the top reasons to include Google reviews on your website. 

Embedding the Google review widget has managed to become a leading strategy for most brands and businesses to grow their marketing game by increasing their profits. 

Go on now, grow the performance of your website by using a super responsive social media aggregator and grow your business exponentially! 

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