How To Purchase The Best Toddler Towers

Toddlers are a difficult bunch of people to handle, especially when they start to move around.

Toddlers are a difficult bunch of people to handle, especially when they start to move around. Toddler learning Towers are a great way to encourage independent mobility in children. It is hardly surprising that they were first designed by a Montessori teacher who was also a mother.

Today, they are widely used worldwide as valuable equipment for children to play and grow with. Some factors to buying the perfect toddler tower are as follows:

Make Sure its Height is Customisable

Toddler learning Towers can be designed for children of varying ages. The age usually ranges from eighteen months to five years. Naturally, the height of the child during these growing years will change rapidly too. 

Therefore, it is essential to buy a tower to see your child through all their growing stages. It is generally effortless to find toddler towers with changeable height settings. It is considered one of the most important factors while buying a toddler tower because it is such a universal concern.  

Ensure that it Fits your Budget

It is very easy to get tempted and fall into the trap of buying a costly tower. Most people do not want to financially compromise when it comes to buying things for their children. However, splurging on something unnecessarily is not a very wise option either. Keep in mind that toddler towers are something that you will be using for a somewhat shorter period. 

Avoid any costly options that have redundant functionality. We can give two examples here. Firstly, if your house has ample space already, do not buy a tower that has built-in storage. It will only increase the weight of the tower and make it difficult for you to move it around. Secondly, if your child is approaching an age when they will not need a tower anymore, buy something inexpensive. 

Check all the Safety Concerns

One of the biggest concerns while buying a Toddler Tower is its safety. Since it is an apparatus for kids, making sure it is safe in all ways is of the utmost importance. Check if the material is breakable, the edges are smoothened, the surfaces are non-toxic, the tower’s balance is alright, etc.

The last thing anyone would want is an injury to the child while playing on the tower. Since it is not always possible to keep an eye on the child, it is best to buy the safest option available.  

Ask for your Child’sOpinion if They’re Old Enough

This should be a no-brainer and go without saying. If you are purchasing it for an old enough child to understand and have an opinion, you should ask them for it. Letting them choose simple things like the colour of the tower or the tower’s design makes them more invested in it. 

Since they will be the ones operating it, they should have a say in it. If they insist on something that is not feasible, gently let them know why it isn’t an option. As much as you shouldn’t indulge your kids, you shouldn’t be too harsh on them either. 

Take your HomeSpace intoAccount 

Toddler towers can act as multi-purpose instruments. If you lack space in your house, buying a bulky and huge tower will only cramp up your house more. Living under cramped conditions is not good for children either. However, you can opt for a toddler tower that has in-built storage so you can store some of your child’s toys or clothes in the tower itself. 

On the other hand, if you have ample living space, buying a tower that also works as a play panel will give something entertaining for your child to do. 

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