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Leather Jackets – The Bad Asses of the Fashion Industry

If you’re looking to make a strong fashion statement, then the leather jacket is the best way to go about it. Marlon Brando in the Wild One, Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, the list goes on and on; Hollywood has used the leather jacket to shape uber-cool characters for around fifty years now. It has also been a staple of the punk culture ever since the arrival of the Sex Pistols on the scene. In fact, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that it symbolizes the very essence of the word ‘cool’. Here’s what you need to know about this legendary piece of clothing.


The leather jacket became noticeable in the early 1900s when the aviators and the military began to wear brown flight jackets. But, the first jacket in the contemporary style was seen in 1928 when Irvin Schott designed ‘Perfecto’ for Harley Davidson. This jacket which was named after a cigar was built to protect riders from accidents. These garments grew in popularity during the Second World War. They were made part of the uniform of the bomber pilots to protect them from extreme climate conditions. This is where the “bomber jacket” gets its name from.

Leather jackets


The price of a jacket generally depends upon the type and quality of the leather used. The best and most expensive leather is the ‘full grain’. It is made from the best quality hides. Calfskin is buttery soft but it isn’t very durable. The ‘top grain’ is an affordable option. However, if you’re an animal lover, you can go for a leather-alternative like polyurethane which is also much cheaper than leather.

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There are mainly five styles of jackets; biker, bomber, racer, and field. The edgy-looking biker jacket has an asymmetric cut which allows bikers to lean over comfortably. The bomber or flight jacket is rather simple looking. So, you can opt for a racer jacket if you want to showcase your broad shoulders. Lastly, field jacket or the M-65 is a classic. It was initially made in cotton for the military but is available in leather today.

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Belstaff, Cromford, Schott NYC, AllSaints, H&M, Norton, Reiss, and Lewis Leathers are the top brands in the game. These are the brands that models and celebrities crave. They surely are on the expensive side, but they would give you the authentic leather jacket experience that you are looking for.

Leather jackets are expensive, but they are built to last. So, save some money, go to your favorite store, and buy one that suits you because of this an item that will symbolize masculinity for ages to come.

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