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luxury villas in coimbatore

Aura Contrivers Private Limited is one of the most incredible villa builders in Coimbatore who has reclassified the principles of value, responsibility, Integrity.

When planning to buy a house, various options come to mind like individual  houses, apartments or luxury villas or farmhouses, etc. Buying a home is either an investment or for living it requires a huge amount of money.  Since large expense is involved everyone should think more about the  type of property required. Before buying the home one should look for  the location of the property. When we opt for buying a home location  plays a major role. Both types of properties have advantages &  disadvantages on their own.

Comparison between villas and apartments or flats


Everyone should look for a luxury lifestyle with great amenities surrounded.  Luxury villas can offer multiple amenities like CCTV, security, a  swimming pool, a spacious living area, many rooms and bathrooms which  are fully furnished and designed, a modular kitchen, gym, etc.


When choosing between a luxury villa and flats one should consider the location. Luxury villas are located in the suburban areas or outskirts of the city. But  apartments are located in the center of the city in prime locations and  in suburban too.


Due to larger space area & freedom and customization costs of  independent villas are higher than that of apartments. The maintenance  cost of any villas is more, as for the apartments it is done by the  committee of members.

Return on investment:

Whether buying a house for staying or for investment purposes, one should  examine the return on investments. When compared to the resale value of  flats, villas have the best value & high returns. But flats are  easier to resale than luxury villas due to higher demand. But in a long  term, both luxury villas and flats have healthy options for income  generation like renting or leasing.

Closing views

It is a never-ending debate either luxury villas or apartments. It  involves more effort and patience to research & find the best  suitable property for any individual with great amenities. Aura  Contrivers Private Limited is the best builder in Coimbatore who builts luxury villas in Coimbatore with attractive amenities. Book your villa soon.


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