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Overview of Microsoft Office 2019, What Does Office 2019 Include?

Microsoft recently launched Office 2019, the latest version of its Windows and Mac Office suites, with new useful features that integrate seamlessly with the famili

Microsoft recently launched Office 2019, the latest version of its Windows and Mac Office suites, with new useful features that integrate seamlessly with the familiar interface. A mode without distractions for Word, better dynamic tables for Excel, better graphics and support for digital pens for PowerPoint are just some of the many improvements for the venerable Office. While these are not important updates to the suite, they could represent a great productivity gain for the right users.

Office 365 users will notice that they have many of these features for some time. However, local software enthusiasts will find that many have not received a new Office bill since at least 2016, while Office 365 users have to pay each month. Both versions are, of course, excellent and we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages later in this article.

Price, versions and compatibility.

As always, Microsoft windows for sale offers more versions of Office than anyone wants to follow. The versions of Office 2019 that will interest most people will be Office Home & Student 2019 at $ 149.99, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They are licensed only for a Windows or Mac computer. Office Professional 2019 for $ 439.99 only for a Windows PC. Add Outlook, Publisher and the Access database.

You need Windows 10 (32 bits or 64 bits) for the PC version. Earlier versions of Windows are not compatible with Office 2019.

Subscribe or buy?

One of the reasons you may not have noticed Office 2019 is that Microsoft prefers to publish the desktop suite and the commercial version of Office Home 365 instead of forcing you to buy office professional plus 2019 services. 3.

However, Office 2019 remains unchanged, with the exception of monthly security updates and occasional corrections, until you decide to upgrade to a later version in a few years. Unlike Office 365, in Office 2019, you only need to sign in with a Microsoft account if you wish. Privacy conscious users should ignore the login button located in the title bar of their Office applications. On the other hand, Office 2019 does not include access to the powerful Office mobile applications. In a later section, I will explain more why some users prefer the single version of Office 2019 from the current version of Office 365.

New properties

The PowerPoint Powerhouse presentation gets a transformation transition, in which separate objects move from one slide to the next, according to Apple’s Magic Move function in Keynote. PowerPoint also has a zoom function that allows you to jump directly to any slide or section of your presentation without the traditional linear order.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint can import scalable SVG graphics that are widely used on the Web. Office applications can also import 3D models from the Microsoft Remix 3D Community website with just a few clicks.

A new element to insert a symbol opens a menu of approximately five hundred well-designed symbols that you can insert into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint document.

The last word in words

A well-hidden feature for speaking in Office 2016 has resulted in the improved reading tool available on the Word check ribbon. It is also available in the new Learning Tools section of the Vista ribbon.

Microsoft Word has surpassed all other word processing programs in terms of its display options (draft, web and reading modes without distractions), and the learning tools are based on this solid foundation.

Tastic Mathematics

Office 2019 improves the support of the digital pen with pressure and tilt sensitivity and the ability to move text by dragging with a pencil.

Office Highlights

In addition, Office offers new features. Excel processes larger and more complex spreadsheets than any other competitor. PowerPoint is the only Windows-based presentation application that combines incredible transitions and other effects with Apple’s keynote.

Another important new feature for IT services: Office 2019 will be installed using the effective click technology of Office 365, and not the traditional MSI installer used by most commercial applications, including earlier versions of Office 365 office.

Office 2019 compared to Office 365

If, like most Windows users, you have spent much of your working life in Office, do you have to buy office professional plus 2019 or subscribe to Office 365?

Due to this problem, I switched to Office 2016 “perpetual” and now to Office 2019 for Windows computers that I use for critical jobs. On Mac, I always use Office 365 because, in Office 2019, the subscription-based product has features built into the product, but I don’t see why the differences in feature sets differ between Mac and Windows Office 2019.

Always the champion

You can complain about any corner of Microsoft Office, but it is still the most comfortable, reliable, powerful and reliable productivity application suite on this planet or on any other planet. If you are satisfied with Office 365, you do not need Office 2019. If you are satisfied with Office 2016, you only need Office 2019 if you want to take advantage of the new features. One way or another, you probably want Office to be installed on your desktop. Although the 2019 version is not a mandatory update, it is only because the latest version worked very well. Be that as it may, Office 2019 is the best office suite you can buy, and it’s up to you.

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