Pandemic Pushed everything Online: Pharmacies are now aiming for the Sky

Nowadays you will get most of the things online. Medicines are one of them. Check ten websites and then select one and get the best deal.

E-pharmacy sector has seen a drastic growth in the last eight months due to lockdown and pandemic conditions. For all those people doubted medicine ordering through websites and apps, are now feel comfortable as the sales of online pharmacy have skyrocketed during the covid19 period. Some large businesses are now looking to make a huge investment in online pharmacy companies like Netmeds and 1mg as they have witnessed a huge influx of new users entering the e-pharmacy business model. People across all metro cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore have order medicines for their immediate medicine requirement. The same trend is catching up in other tier1 and tier 2 cities pan India. 

Seen this demand growth curve, Many new companies have entered into the online pharmacy industry. This is clear from the fact that online medicine delivery platform such as 3MEDS has started to witness a strong foothold in the health industry. 

How Online Pharmacy companies work:

  • You can search and Place an order for medicine online for normal as well as a chronic disease.
  • All you need is a doctor’s prescription to be uploaded on the website or App using your phone camera.
  • Once you have placed an order, you will be notified wide an Order No (shared on your mobile).
  • Online delivery of medicines takes 2 to 3 days, depending on the location and types of medicine ordered.
  • Your medicine will be delivered to the location specified while placing the request or order.
  • You can check the medicines; can make payment in COD (Cash on Delivery). Other online payment options are also available.
  • You can also return the medicines in case you feel medicine is delivered late than the anticipated time or are in the not right condition.
  • What’s more, you will get a discount on the ranging from 10% to 20% depending on the company with whom you have ordered the medicine.
  • One can also place refilling of regular medicines request in case of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, asthma.
  • Generic or common disease like fever, cold and cough medicines are available on these pharmacy Platform

What’s the takeaway

online medicine companies have repositioned themselves as major support for medicine delivery at doorstep using the technology? They have revolutionized the way health industry works with very bright future prospects. They have provided a ray of hope for medicine delivery at home across India and at the same time generating employment opportunities in the Industry.

Benefits of order medicine Online

People wonder why they order medicines online. Here is the answer to that question. If we want to go out of the house, Firstly we need to cover our face through a mask, wearing gloves and many more things to protect ourselves from the Virus. But still, there is no Guarantee that is we are entirely safe or not. After that still, if we are going out to just purchase medicines than it is even more  risky because at chemist shop or a hospital there are different types of people or patient come for a different purpose, so the chances of getting touch with an infected person is increasing.

E-Pharmacy gives you chances to protect yourself from at least these situations.  E-pharmacy gives you opportunities to interact with fewer people as much as possible. You can order any medicines or any product available at a medical shop. You can also avail some deals and offers that your “favourable shop” will not able to gives you.

Online pharmacy working way is different. They will directly connect themselves through the dealer, so the middle man cost removes here, so the chances to get medicines at cheap and best prices are increasing.

Here is some Name who offers medicines at best prices online.

  1. 3MEDS
  2. Netmeds
  3. 1MG
  4. Medlife
  5. Pharmeasy.

From all of them personally, I believe 3 Meds is the best of them because their offers and prices of medicines are very reasonable. The Best Part is that after that service are awesome. In any case, you didn’t like your order you can return it, and they will give you all guidance about the procedure till you get your money back.


Be safe. In this time try to avoid step out from your house till it is necessary enough. Nowadays you will get most of the things online. Medicines are one of them. Check ten websites and then select one and get the best deal.

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