Real Estate for Tourism or Business?

Real Estate for Tourism or Business?

The real estate sector and the tourism industry in Thailand have become deeply involved in one another such that one of the best ways to invest in real estate is through the hospitality and tourism service business. Thailand is already a popular place among tourists and travelers, they have a steady number of tourists that fuels the occupancy rates of any property in Thailand like hotels, resorts, villas, mixed-use buildings, condos, etc. giving way for hospitality businesses to prosper. Moreso if you can get one in locations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai, etc.  You can also combine other tourism services with the accommodation like providing them with transport services, tour guides, dining and culinary experiences, organizing fun events for entertainment, and so on.

Best Places to Buy Real Estates in Thailand

Thailand has a lot of islands, currently estimated to be over a thousand-four hundred, and all of them have their attractions and they all offer different experiences to travelers. This is because their size, popularity, and level of accessibility differ but whether you are looking for a secluded island or one that comes with all the hustling and bustling of a typical tourist destination, Thailand has them all. For investors, these islands are some of the reasons why people love this place, so don’t you think being able to buy real estate in any of these islands is worth the investment? As mentioned previously, each one of these islands has its unique charm, so, here are 20+ habitable islands in Thailand that are popular for real estate investment:

1. Phuket

2. Koh Samui

3. Koh Phangan

4. Koh Chang

5. Koh Lanta

6. Koh Phi Phi

7. Koh Tao

8. Koh Yao Yai

9. Koh Yao Noi

10. Koh Samed

11. Koh Kood

12. Koh Mak

13. Koh Nang Yuan

14. Koh Libong

15. Koh Racha

16. Koh Tarutao

17. Koh Mook

18. Koh Jum

19. Koh Ngai

20. Koh Si Chang

21. Koh Si Boya

22. Koh Talu

23. Koh Wai

24. Koh Talay

25. Koh Thalu

26. Koh Phayam

27. Koh Rok

28. Koh Phra Thong.

Why Thailand?

Thailand has a few perks here and there, the population is a plus, and so is the high number of tourists and tourist attractions. Thailand also has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to boast of, but all these do not pose much to investors who are only here for the money, the ones that matter are

1. Favorable Investment Climate: The paragraph above already mentioned this part. With Thailand being such a hot spot for tourism, it is only normal that a lot of businesses will do well. If you happen to venture into a tourism service establishment, then you’ll realize how the environment of Thailand largely affects businesses. The government also recognizes the potential that comes with such a well-known tourist destination as Thailand and has been introducing investor-friendly policies to make things easy for foreigners; like buying real estate or setting up an establishment for example.

2. Economic Stability: Let’s get this straight, there is no perfect economy, every country has its hiccups and there are also a bunch of factors, internal or external that can affect the economy; directly or indirectly. However, it can be said that Thailand’s economy is relatively stable, and while tourism may be their main source, they also diversify to make everything more balanced. Urbanization and innovations, especially the rise of Tech in the country, have also contributed to its growth and the stability of the economy, maybe inadvertently but the fact is, it does contribute.

3. Strategic Location: For a country that is so successful part of it can be attributed to its location. If you don’t know, Thailand has a few port cities which give easy access to other regions of Southeast Asia. Its transportation infrastructures are pretty decent and the presence of an international airport makes international trade possible.

4.  Affordable Cost of Living: As a tourism-centered country, you would expect Thailand to be high on their cost of living but no, Thailand offers a relatively low cost of living, which adds more appeal to the country. A good option for retirees, digital nomads, and expats so to speak. Property prices are even quite decent, which also makes it a good option for investors. Don’t believe it? Then check out, a real estate aggregator. Their job is to compile listings of houses and properties in Thailand that are for sale or rent. There are many property types on the website and this leads to the next reason why Thailand is a good investment option for real estate.

5. Property Options: Thailand’s real estate market offers a wide range of investment options in the form of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Depending on your choice and your target clients, you can have residential properties; exotic villas, beachside resorts, condos, penthouses, etc. If your clients are business-minded individuals then don’t forget their options for commercial properties as well like hotels, cafes, restaurants, office spaces, and many more. You have many real estate options to choose from.

6. Quality of Life: A low cost of living doesn’t equal a low quality of life and Thailand is the embodiment of that saying. The cities are beautiful, and so are the islands. There is so much sightseeing to do, and the locals are friendly and will gladly help out in any way they can. If you think the day activities are already the best, then wait till you witness the nightlife in this place, it is an absolute marvel.

Is it Worth It?

The country brings more to the table than just another tourism country. There are a lot of business opportunities to take advantage of and it is a fact that the number of visitors in the country is still climbing as the country has continued to attract more people. If you like island-hopping then you’ll most likely love this place as well. Thailand has a lot of islands that are accessible through one another. The article compiled a list of twenty-eight of those that are even possible for investors to get into and make something happen. Several reasons were stated as to why Thailand is worthy, like the option on property types that gives investors the deciding power, the quality of life, and the low cost of living that can be used as a way to convince the client, of their stable economy which ensures your income is steady at least over a long period, and of course the tourism aspect which keeps bring more people in. If you are still skeptical about real estate prices in Thailand, then you can check out the recommended website, the real estate aggregator.

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