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Best Local SEO Techniques to Improve Website Ranking

Local SEO is a very efficient way of marketing your business online. It helps in promoting your products or services to the local customers at the right time when they are actually looking for them. It’s significantly different from the conventional SEO campaigns. It’s true that global SEO Techniques is very important, but at the same time, you cannot ignore the significance of local SEO.

In short, local SEO services are your go-to solution to stay ahead of your rivals and take your local business to the next level. Having said that here are the best local SEO to improve website ranking and gain more traffic to your website.

Set Up and Optimize Local Listings

SEO Optimization

The first step to start with is to ensure that you have set up your local listings as this is one of the key parameters for your business to be found in the local searches. Provide your business’ information on directories like Google My Business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places.

Optimize the listings by including much more information than the basics. For instance, if you run a business in Bangalore, you can include related keywords, a preview of what your business is in to, point out your business location on a Bangalore map, social media details, videos, and photos in addition to the basics like your business name, working hours, and contact details. If you are new to all these, you can always avail the services of an expert SEO company in Bangalore.

Once you set up and optimize these local listings, your business can get incredible exposure.

Online Reviews Are Important SEO TechniquesOnline Reviews SEO

Reviews are very crucial for the success of any local business and businesses have finally started realizing the significance of online reviews from their customers. Your response to these online reviews is equally important – irrespective of whether it is a positive or negative review.

This will prove to the people reading the reviews that as a business owner you care for the thoughts and opinions of your customers. The number of reviews your business gets and the authority possessed by the review sites are all crucial factors for local search engine rankings. So, it’s very evident that online reviews are a very effective local SEO Techniques strategy to improve website traffic and increase ROI.

Make the Most Out of Local Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup, also known as markup or schema markup, is a great addition to the code of your business website to give search engines with more details about your business. For instance, if you own a business in Bangalore, any professional SEO Techniques company in Bangalore can help you with structured data marketing to include details like the services you offer in Bangalore, the products you sell, and the reviews that you have collected.

Many businesses have already started using this markup, but most of them are using only the basics. So, consider adding structured data markup to your website wherever appropriate so that your local business can stand out. Google also wants businesses to use this as it helps the spiders in better determining what the website content is all about.

Get Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks SEO

Getting backlinks to your site is as important with local SEO as it is with global SEO Techniques. It’s important to get natural backlinks from websites that are indexed high on Google. This helps search engines in recognizing your website as a reliable source of information. Backlinks from the relevant blog websites, business associations, local newspapers, and citations can help in enhancing the search visibility.

Name, Address, and Phone citations (referred to as NAP Citations) are online places where your business can be listed. You should not ignore its importance as it is highly beneficial for your business down the lane. For every website where your business is listed, it is considered as a backlink that points back to your site. Backlinks are highly crucial for search engine results. If building backlinks are not your cup of tea, outsource it by availing SEO services from a professional.

Make Use of Local Keywords to Optimize Title Tags

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If you use local keywords for optimizing title tags, it can help in ranking specific web pages locally. Place the keyword as close as possible to the starting of the tag.

For instance, your title tag could be ‘house cleaning services Bangalore’. This indicates to the search engines that this web page is directed linked to Bangalore and so will be more likely to be displayed in searches from the respective geographical area. If you are new to SEO, any SEO Techniques company can help you optimize these titles tags and meta-descriptions.

You can also consider inserting the local keywords in unique descriptions across various listings. This increased your brand visibility through the local listings, which is crucial for local SEO.


So, there you have it – the best local SEO Techniques strategies to improve search engine rankings. Now that you have got an idea of the local SEO techniques, it’s time to get started with optimizing your website and nail it right. Implement the above strategies to get a head-start on your competition.


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