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Take Care of Your Septic System by Maintaining Your Plumbing

Your home plumbing system is directly linked to your home septic system and as a smart homeowner, you must focus on both of the crucial factors- efficiency and performance. Repairing and replacing the destroyed septic system is both complicated and quite expensive as well.

But with the help of proper as well as simple maintenance plumbing tips can assist you to take proper care of the septic tank for a long period of time. This is so; because both of these perform conjointly and you must have the idea of its performance. The wastewater from various faucets like showers, sinks and other fixtures passes via drainpipes and gets deposited in the septic tank.

The performance and condition of the septic tank is directly proportionate to the rate of flow of wastewater, its size and quantity of waste. If you use heavy non-biodegradable toilet paper or flush any solid waste through your toilet then it will upset the delicate balance of the working ability of the septic tank.

You must use septic-friendly toiletries as these are naturally produced and thus breakdown is easily possible by alleviating the risk of clogging. You must let your kids know how to make proper use of any bathroom products so that it doesn’t create any issue in your home plumbing system.

And obviously, occasionally you must empty the septic tank. You can hire the services of the septic removal service providers of any 24-hour emergency plumber in London to perform all of its associated tasks. In the end, you must minimize the random flushes so that the tank doesn’t get filled up quickly.

Kitchen plumbing and garbage disposal

kitchen Maintaining Plumbing

A home plumbing system is not limited to the laundry room and bathroom, it is even more. Even your dishwater and kitchen sink have to manage a lot of waste and water which can create pressure in your home septic system. Therefore, designing the system for kitchen plumbing requires a lot of skills and perfectness to ensure its optimal septic performance in the long-haul.

Nowadays, busy families prefer handy as well as easy kitchen features and garbage disposal system is among one of them. But if the garbage is disposed through your drainage system it will create an extreme pressure in the septic tank often leading to premature failure and frequent emptying.

Thus, it is highly recommended to dispose of the garbage in the old or traditional way for preventing your home septic system from extensive wear and tear. Pouring greases and cooking oil through the drainage system is also harmful for your home septic tank.

These high-density liquids possess a tendency of clogging the inlet points and gradually it will start degrading. Excessive oil accumulation in the tank also makes the emptying process tough. Hence these types of wastes must be disposed of in a composter or in a green bin wherever you find in your locality.  

Laundry concerns

Wastewater of the washing machine after washing the clothes also gets accumulated in the septic system. Therefore, you must be very careful while selecting any laundry detergent for cleaning your clothes as some affect the tank and damage it in every possible way. 

Bleaching must be avoided as it severely disturbs the balance level of bacteria present in the tank. These are highly responsible for the breakdown of solid wastes and ensure the perfect degradation process. Release of a high amount of bleach can kill them and makes an end to this natural breakdown procedure.

As this will result in rapid filling up of the tank, it may cost you expensive repairs of the septic tank by hiring the services of an emergency 24-hour plumber in London. This will deteriorate the functional ability of your home septic tank at the same time.

While purchasing any laundry detergent, you must check the percentage of phosphates present in it. As per the plumbing experts, you must minimize the use of phosphates-rich detergents because phosphates naturally occur in the septic tank.

And over-accumulation of the phosphates can influence the growth rate of green algae in the septic tank. Progressively it will affect the soil and groundwater level negatively and end up with breakout of several dangers and problems. 

General plumbing operation

Whenever there is any leak in your plumbing system, it springs out excessive water in your home causing extensive damage. As leaks can happen internally, any significant plumbing issue in the toilet, bathtub and in the sink can cause due to hidden issues in the septic system of your home.

You must start minute inspection of the leaks on an urgent basis to avoid constant running of toilets, faucets and taps. Moreover, you must install such a septic system for your home featured with an alarm that will signal you on reaching the overflowing mark.

If you find that it is occurring within some hours of running toilet, then you must call out for a local plumber who is experienced in handling all these issues. Even, you must appreciate and practice the system of water conservation whenever possible if the design of your system is done in such a way so that it can perform efficiently.

By this way, you will be able to use a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis. Never flush any harmful chemicals or solvents down your drainage system. As for the sewer systems, harsh and harmful chemicals are responsible for creating havoc and it will become a threatening factor to the environment.

Any stains, paints and inorganic solutions must be disposed at the waste disposal pit in your locality. You mustn’t also flush huge amount of pesticides and herbicides down your drainage system. It will affect the bacteria present in the system and get spread to your surrounding resulting in major breakouts. 

At an interval of 2-5 years, you must empty your septic tank and clean it. Basically, emptying of the septic tank is also depended on the number of family members and bathrooms are there in your house. You have to empty it more frequently if the rate of water usage in your home is more.

Furthermore, it is essential to book the inspection of septic maintenance once every 5 years. It will help your home septic system to work perfectly by maintaining existing balance and protect it from unwanted emergency repairs, damage and clog.

There are several plumbing service providers using non-abrasive septic cleaning solutions or products for reducing the level of phosphate and breakdown of solid wastes. Although, it has been proved to be efficient, yet it cannot be used in a regular manner for cleaning your home septic tank.

This is so; because it can affect the system badly and you have to ensure the natural design and balance of the system for its optimal performance. Plumbing system must be well taken care of by using biodegradable toilet papers. Installation of the garbage disposal pit is also important because of proper disposal of garbage in it.

Avoid utilizing laundry detergents for cleaning your toilets or another plumbing system as it is rich in phosphates and can cause damage to the system. So, you must install such a plumbing system in your home which is septic system-friendly and assure you with worry-free performance with the help of just a simple system of wastewater.

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