There’s plenty of “set up” before having fun with RS3 against OSRS

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I understand there are items that could be added but not to what extent. The

majority of the items that you have listed have a low chances of being able to

do much. The majority of what you have listed in the beginning increases kills

. However, many kills are now exhausted. Infinite Auras is already available

to those who do much pvm through the refresh of their auras. Clue steps are

definitely a good idea but to what end, a cool reward that I can show off for

a couple of months and then disappear forever. There are a few items from

clues that could be useful , which makes them all that important to do.

It's not that there's nothing that can be added. What I'm saying what made the

leagues so enjoyable was the difference these changes made to how you engage

in the game. Auto banking was awesome on osrs because that's not a thing.

Porters are so common that we're familiar with it, you can create unlimited

accounts but it's not like it's a new thing or feel like it's changing the

meta, because it's already a thing.

The last recall was game-changing as it lets you skip the gw kc, and then back

to the boss. Both those things we already have in the game. Combat auras cut

bosses down to 5 or 6 hits kills which exist already. I just dont see there

being a significant enough difference to have the appeal that leagues bring to

the osrs.

Naturally, these are "maxed out" however only in the sense of the game itself.

It's like saying "who is interested in pvming in leagues when you already get

speed kill achievements in main game"

Leagues are comically fast like the vorkath speed kill with knife's edge and

dharoks, that's part of the appeal. Auras aren't the only ones that have

"infinite" resets when you've accumulated MoW/Reapers. But when certain auras

are constantly active, then that allows players to play multiple auras in play

at the same and opens up more opportunities for "comically overpowered"

elements to show their best, and for players to have fun

Clues can be useful, since forts can bottleneck things like alch onyx/hydric


The problem is that it's not only auto banking, but automated processing,

multiple gathering etc. Some elite outfits and arch relics have the ability to

perform that 100% or have a proc chance however that's not the issue. The

advantage is that you don't have to gather or make porters, and get this

benefit along with other advantages.

Last recall is a game with many applications beyond just combat. Skilling,

questing and all other forms of gaming benefit from it being active, so much

so that it was chosen 90 over % in Trailblazer as well as QoL's infinite run

in and out, which is why they're frequently re-emerging. Yes, leagues may not

be accessible to all. There's of "set up" before the fun in RS3 in comparison

to OSRS because of things like arch, invention, etc.

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