Dress Styling Wearing Sweatshirts

Ultimate Guide To Styling And Wearing Sweatshirts

I am sure no woman’s wardrobe is complete without a sweatshirt. They are considered as a humble sportswear staple and has the potential to send passers straight to the other side of the street.

Sweatshirts have been adopted by everyone from hip-hop culture, young adults, college-going students, skaters, and snowboarders. Sweatshirts are the ultimate combination of style and comfort. They’re not only designed to keep us warm during cool wintry nights, but they’re also pretty comfortable to wear as well.

It’s comfy, cozy and the most versatile clothing item one can have in their wardrobe. Nowadays, stylish women are getting more creative with their sweatshirts by choosing it to wear this outfit for office parties and date nights. Since comfort and looking cool are always important for women, sweatshirts can be the best pick. Whether you prefer to wear a plain sweatshirt or you want to add some interesting prints and designs, there are many must-have sweatshirts for your wardrobe. Let’s draw your attention to my favorite ways to style your sweatshirts and look awesome.

Wear it like a dress

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You can wear your sweatshirt like a dress depending on how oversize your sweatshirt is, you may also want to layers some shorts underneath just to be on the safer side. Complete the look by pairing this outfit with long boots and a backpack to carry along with it.

Wear it as a top 

Wearing sweatshirts as a top is ideal for those women who want to complete their sporty or athletic look. Many women are too lazy to dress themselves during weekends and therefore have nothing to wear. Sweatshirts are a perfect piece for those women who want to feel comfortable during lazy weekends. In other words, they are considered to be a great part of any outfit.

Sporty Look

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A sporty look is what many women prefer to don as that consists of sporty bottoms and sneakers or trainers.

All you need to do is wear a hoodie over a tank top and complete the look by wearing sporty bottoms like sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings. This is an ideal outfit for women who love to dress up in their sports or activewear most of the time.

Workwear Look

Wearing sweatshirts may not be allowed at most of the conservative offices, but at those offices where the dress code isn’t quite as strict but you still want to look professional why not pair your sweatshirt with polished and structured pieces to give a professional look. You can layer your sweatshirt under a blazer with black trousers and a pair of beige shade heels. For this event, use a more fitted sweatshirt, tucking it in will give a more polished vibe.

Day-off Look

If you are having a day off and plan to wear something casual and cute, you can definitely pick one of your favorite sweatshirts from your wardrobe with your casual pieces. To try some funky look on your day off how about pairing a crispy bodycon dress with sneakers and multicolored jacket

Team up with a jacket 

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It is perfectly stylish if we wear a sweatshirt as the main piece of outerwear in our look, it can also be great to sometimes combine it with other items like jackets or shrugs. This will help to add some extra

detailing to your style and is perfect for layering during winter nights. When you prefer to wear a sweatshirt of a single colour, that is wearing monochrome colours then you can end up creating an outfit that is minimalist and uniformed.

Black and White Sweatshirts

The beauty of Black or White sweatshirts is that in general, you can throw them over anything. This design’s versatility is enhanced immediately thanks to black or white adaptability. That’s the beauty of these colours and style that can go with any piece of clothing you decide to wear be it jeans, trousers or trainers, the sweatshirt will be the perfect companion.

Layering Sweatshirts 

Sweatshirts are an ideal choice when it comes to layering your outfits during wintertime. Sweatshirts can be made from several fabrics, starting from cotton to heavy knits. That is the reason many people wear it during the winter season by choosing any thick fabric sweatshirt teaming it up with leather jackets on the top of it with black tights and sneakers.

Dressed Up Look

If you’re looking for an effortless look but don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of your bed try layering up your sweatshirt with a biker jacket with a pair of skinny jeans. You’ll get an edgy finish and also look cool at the same time. Isn’t this a great combination? Try to opt for thinner material when you layer your sweatshirt with a biker jacket.

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