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Unmanned Systems Can Assist Security and Defense Industries

Commercial use is only a fraction of the benefit unmanned systems technology offers. This technology can offer assistance to the security and defense industries.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have gained national coverage and commercial businesses are beginning to utilize UAV technology. Domino’s Pizza has used drones for deliveries and the medical industry has utilized it to transport medical samples like blood and tissue samples. However, commercial use is only a fraction of the benefit unmanned systems technology offers. This technology can offer assistance to a number of defense and surveillance fields.

Reducing Risk of Casualties

Unmanned systems technology can execute combat missions without wasting time, resources, and it can potentially protect human lives. This machine learning technology can redefine the security and defense fields. Unmanned systems technology is applicable for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) missions, and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), allowing military and police personnel to handle situations from a distance. This can greatly reduce the risk of casualties and injuries in these dangerous environments.

Unmanned Technologies in EOD missions

Unmanned Systems

EOD missions are dangerous because of the many risks to infrastructure and people, and unmanned systems technology can greatly aid these types of missions. Unmanned Ground Vehicles, like the Endeavor Robotics PackBot, are designed for EOD missions and have the same precision and skill as trained personnel. These unmanned systems are able to eliminate armaments without the risk to human safety.

The goal of EOD missions is to neutralize threats with as little risk to military personnel as possible. Integrating hardware that can remotely collect and analyze real-time data while navigating tight spaces can lower human risk. EOD missions place dangers on those involved but unmanned systems like PackBot can prevent extra risk because of its array of capabilities.

Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Charlie Allen, the former CIA Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection, said manned reconnaissance will soon be gone. Combat missions require accurate and frequent information and drones and other unmanned systems technology, such as our control software Kinesis, can help gather intelligence. Kinesis is built to allow users to manage Unmanned Arial Vehicles across air and ground distances. The intuitive user interface works on all end-user devices and can aid ISR missions by safely distribute information without risk to people.

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