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What Cosmetic Products Can be used as Jars?

What you do with your old cosmetic jars and containers when they of no use to you? Simple you throw them out, right? But trust me, few creative hacks can give your cosmetic empty stuff a really new start. Hey, have you ever wondered these same little circle shape containers and jars are so expensive in the market when you go to buy them for crafting work?

Yes, these can be said those little cosmetic storage containers which you just throw off. Even, consumers especially approach cosmetic jars wholesale market to pick items which could be useful for them.

With regards to it, I am going to share what cosmetic products can be used as jars for organizing your stuff. So, keep scrolling down.

Best Cosmetic Products to Use as Jars

  • Old lip balm which you were using for years

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Bobby pins are so challenging to gather at one place, most of the time they’re found scattered everywhere on your dressing table, so it’s must gather them at one organized place.

You can put all your bobby pins in old lip balm container to ensure they’re are available whenever you need.

  • Makeup Compact with a mirror

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Do you have makeup compact with a mirror? It means you can also have an alternate use of it. You can use it for storing mints, hair elastics or any other small necessity in the compact so you can bring them anywhere with you.

But, if your makeup compact doesn’t have a mirror, you can still use it for storing jewelry items like earrings, anklets, earring hooks, bracelets, bands, rings, and other such stuff. If your compact is divided into sections, then use it for storing vitamins or pills.

  • Empty Perfume bottles

Why dispose of expensive perfume bottles when you can conveniently use it as a piece of classy décor? Yes, perfume bottles can be used as a small vase to keep flowers, colored gems/ stones in your lounge or room to give your place a classier look.

  • For Powder Containers

Channel your internal DIY-fan to change your utilized powder compartments into a truly beautiful container.

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