Why Are Custom Mylar Bags Used For Dispensary Packaging?

The legal cannabis business is growing fast. In this business, how you package products is very important. Many shops that sell cannabis (called dispensaries) are using custom Mylar bags. These bags are special and do more than just hold cannabis.

Custom Mylar bags help keep cannabis fresh. They also make products look good in stores. Plus, they help dispensaries follow the rules about selling cannabis.

In this article, we’ll talk about why so many cannabis shops use custom Mylar bags. We’ll look at what’s good about these bags and why they work well for cannabis products.

What Are Mylar Bags?

Mylar is a type of plastic film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). It was created in the 1950s and has been used in many industries since then. Mylar is known for being strong, flexible, and good at keeping things fresh.

Properties of Mylar Bags

Mylar bags have several features that make them great for packaging:

1. They’re very strong and don’t tear easily.

2. They keep air and moisture out.

3. They can be made clear or with different colors.

4. They’re lightweight but protective.

Why Dispensaries Need Special Packaging

Dispensaries have unique needs when it comes to packaging:

1. They need to follow strict rules about how cannabis is packaged.

2. They want to keep their products fresh and potent.

3. They need to stand out in a competitive market.

4. They must provide important information on the packaging.

How Custom Mylar Bags Meet These Needs

Custom Mylar bags have become a go-to solution for many dispensaries because:

1. They can be made to fit different regulations.

2. They keep cannabis products fresh for a long time.

3. They can be designed to look unique and eye-catching.

4. There’s plenty of space to add labels and information.

Benefits of Using Custom Mylar Bags for Dispensary Packaging

Protection and Freshness

One of the main reasons dispensaries use custom Mylar bags is to keep their products safe and fresh.

Keeping Products Safe

Mylar bags are tough and can protect cannabis products from:

  • Getting squished or damaged
  • Light that could make the product less potent
  • Moisture that could cause mold

Maintaining Freshness

The special makeup of Mylar helps keep cannabis fresh by:

  • Stopping air from getting in, which keeps the product from drying out
  • Keeping the smell inside the bag
  • Preventing moisture from making the product go bad

Customization Options

Another big advantage of custom Mylar bags is that they can be made to fit a dispensary’s exact needs.

Design Flexibility

Dispensaries can make their bags unique by:

  • Choosing different sizes and shapes
  • Adding their logo and brand colors
  • Using special finishes like matte or glossy

Meeting Legal Requirements

Custom bags can be designed to follow packaging laws by:

  • Including required warning labels
  • Having child-resistant features
  • Showing THC content and other important details

Brand Recognition and Marketing

Custom Mylar bags are also a powerful tool for marketing and building a brand.

Standing Out on Shelves

Well-designed bags can help a dispensary’s products catch customers’ eyes by:

  • Using bright colors or interesting patterns
  • Having a unique shape or size
  • Featuring eye-catching graphics

Building Brand Loyalty

Consistent, high-quality packaging can help customers remember and choose a brand by:

  • Making products easy to recognize
  • Giving a professional and trustworthy impression
  • Providing a good experience when using the product

Types of Custom Mylar Bags for Dispensaries

Different Sizes and Shapes

Dispensaries can choose from various Mylar bag options:

Small Bags

  • Good for single servings or samples
  • Often used for pre-rolled joints or small amounts of flower

Medium Bags

  • Popular for 1/8 oz or 1/4 oz of cannabis flower
  • Also used for edibles or multiple pre-rolls

Large Bags

  • Suitable for bulk quantities like 1 oz or more
  • Used for larger edible packages or variety packs

Special Features

Custom Mylar bags can include extra features to make them more useful:

Resealable Zippers

  • Keep products fresh after opening
  • Make it easy for customers to store and reuse

Clear Windows

  • Let customers see the product inside
  • Help show off the quality of the cannabis

Hang Holes

  • Allow bags to be hung on display racks
  • Make it easier to organize products in the store

How Custom Mylar Bags Compare to Other Packaging Options

Mylar Bags vs. Plastic Containers

While plastic containers are also used in dispensaries, Mylar bags have some advantages:

  • They’re lighter and take up less space
  • They’re often cheaper to produce and ship
  • They can be more easily customized

Mylar Bags vs. Glass Jars

Glass jars are another common option, but Mylar bags offer benefits:

  • They’re less likely to break during shipping or handling
  • They’re typically more cost-effective
  • They’re easier to carry and store for customers

The Process of Creating Custom Mylar Bags

Design Phase

Creating custom Mylar bags starts with design:

  1. Choosing the size and shape of the bag
  2. Deciding on colors and graphics
  3. Planning where to put required information
  4. Selecting any special features or finishes


Once the design is ready, the bags are made:

  1. The Mylar material is prepared
  2. The design is printed onto the Mylar
  3. The bags are cut and shaped
  4. Any special features like zippers are added

Quality Control

Before the bags are sent to dispensaries, they’re checked to make sure:

  1. The printing looks good and is accurate
  2. The bags are the right size and shape
  3. Any special features work correctly
  4. They meet all legal requirements

Environmental Considerations

Recyclability of Mylar Bags

While Mylar bags have many benefits, their environmental impact is a concern:

  • Mylar can be recycled, but it’s not always easy to do
  • Many recycling programs don’t accept Mylar bags

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Some dispensaries are looking for more environmentally friendly options:

  • Bags made from biodegradable materials
  • Packaging that uses less plastic
  • Reusable containers that customers can bring back

The Future of Custom Mylar Bags in Dispensary Packaging

Emerging Trends

The use of custom Mylar bags in dispensaries is likely to evolve:

  • More focus on sustainable materials
  • Advanced features like NFC tags for product information
  • Improved child-resistant designs

Adapting to Changing Regulations

As cannabis laws change, packaging will need to keep up:

  • New rules about what information must be on packages
  • Changes in allowed packaging materials
  • Different requirements for medical vs. recreational cannabis


Custom Mylar bags have become a key player in dispensary packaging for good reasons. They protect products well, offer great design flexibility, and adapt easily to changing regulations. While environmental concerns exist, these bags continue to meet the complex needs of cannabis businesses effectively.

As the industry evolves, we can expect custom Mylar bags to change too. They’ll likely become more eco-friendly and incorporate new features to meet shifting consumer needs and legal requirements. Despite challenges, custom Mylar bags remain a valuable solution for dispensaries looking to protect their products, express their brand, and stand out in a competitive market.

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