Why Maintenance Of Brake System Is Important

Maintaing the brake system is one of the most inportant fractor for any automotive machine. But how? To know more Read this.

The brake system is one of the most essential parts in ensuring safety in the automotive industry. Without complete efficiency in the braking system, it is difficult to put an automotive machine to rest. Brake parts manufacturers India recommend maintaining the braking system from time to time to ensure its full performance and limiting risks during an automotive operation. To know why maintenance is essential, you must know the braking system in detail. 

What Are Brakes?

Brakes in any automotive machine (or vehicle) absorb energy from the moving part and slow it down.

Function Of Brakes

Primarily, a brake works to bring a moving vehicle to a halt. A braking system helps to stop vehicles, within the smallest possible distance. Without brakes, it will be nearly impossible to stop automotive machinery in motion. 

Characteristics Of Brakes

  • Peak force – It is defined decelerating effect which is maximum

  • Continuous power dissipation – Brakes  get  hot when we use it and fail to function when the temperature is too high. 

  • Fade – Brakes become ineffective when they are heated  are called brake fade.Some are designed to immune others don't.

  • Power – Brakes are often described as "powerful" as it is one of the powerful component 

  • Pedal feel – Pedal feel is due to the fluid displacement of the brake and other factors.

  • Drag – Brakes have varied amount of drag depending on design 

  • Noise – Brakes usually have  some minor noise when applied, but they create squeal or grinding noises when it has experienced certain degradations

Components Of Brakes

  • Fluid reservoir: The fluid reservoir is the tank where brake fluid are reserved 

  • Fluid lines: With the help of fluid lines which are basically pipes through which the fluid is transported.

  • Brake shoes: Brake shoes are two pieces of sheet steel joined together so it can carry the brake lining.

  • Brake drum: The brake drum is a rotating component

  • Rotor: The rotor is a cast-iron brake disc connected to a wheel of a car.

  • Brake pedal: It is the pedal of a brake system used to activate the brake by pressing it down with the help of a foot.

  • Brake lining: It is enclosed inside the brake shoe.

Brake System Issues

Issues in the braking system can compromise with the safety and performance of automotive solutions. A healthy & functioning braking system is essential to avoid risks and expenses later. But why does a braking system require maintenance and what are the issues that can surface? 

  1. Disturbing Sounds

The most common brake system problems include: a spongy brake pedal, a hard brake pedal disturbing sounds when braking, vibrations– due to the thinning of brake pads. In order to avoid large bills we should continually be in touch with the mechanics. A healthy brake system does not make noises. If you can hear or feel something unusual when braking, you should immediately arrange for an inspection. 

  1. Physical Damage

The greatest enemy of brakes is high speed. Applying brakes suddenly puts a lot of pressure on them, while they are in motion. Since braking generates a lot of friction and heat, this can prove to be counterproductive–physically degrading the brakes. So, driving at an intermediate speed is recommended. 

  1. Fluid Leakage

Braking fluid is connected to the brake pads (via callipers), which push them towards each other with the brake disc in between. The fluid is connected to the callipers by a tube. The tube structure itself or the joints can be subjected to wear and tear– leaking the brake fluid gradually. 

Leaking brake fluid can reduce the pressure exerted on the spinning rotors, causing ineffective braking power. This can reduce the chances of braking during an emergency. Brake fluid leakage can also cause brake failures.

The longevity of a vehicle can be determined by the way one drives a vehicle. The brake system is one of the most important parts in a vehicle– without a braking system one's life is put to risk. In certain awareness campaigns, such as "Safe drive. Save life" — brakes play a vital role. It helps us to stop wherever we want to.

Because brakes are exposed to extreme heat and force, high quality brake components are essential. Brake parts manufacturers India like Crescent Foundry, offers study, lightweight and durable brake parts for various automotive solutions. Established in 1982, the company has been serving people with integrity while keeping commitments and ensuring quality standards. By serving more than 50 countries with continuous innovation in casting product manufacturing industry, the company offers varied customised solutions for agricultural, municipal and airports as well. 


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