Yoga Poses for increasing your Blood Circulation!

In this blog post i am sharing information about Yoga Poses for increasing your Blood Circulation.

Yoga has been serving as the best mean of self-transformation since its origin. It has been practiced through generations and has been subjected to evolutions. While yoga is traditionally termed as a mind-body-soul experience, it is also prescribed for the betterment of health conditions-also often referred to as yoga for health. If yoga is practiced daily and in an effective manner, then it can cure chronic medical illnesses as well. 

Benefits of Yoga poses for blood circulation:

Some poses of yoga, if performed correctly, can serve as a treatment to many health issues. You should always consult with your physician if you already have an injuries or any major heart conditions before practicing Yoga. Yoga poses are even beneficial when practiced under the guidance of yoga instructor or experts.

  • Yoga helps in relaxation of the body which in turn helps to improve blood circulation through yoga.
  • By performing yogic poses,more fresh oxygenated blood is transported to the organs and more oxygen is transported to the cells. It also helps in the reverse blood flow from feet to the brain and heart.
  • One of the most important benefits of yogic poses is that it helps in the increase of hemoglobin in our blood which prevents various emergency conditions like clotting of blood,heart attacksetc.
  • Downward Dog Pose helps in strengthening of legs which further improves blood circulation in the lower body parts.
  • Performing the Triangle pose helps in improving blood circulation in the upper part of our body by expanding the lungs and chest.
  • Regular performance of yoga helps increases the heart rate which helps in pumping of more blood throughout our body. 
  • Maintaining the cholesterol levels can be achieved by practicing yoga poses effective for blood circulation.

Yoga Postures or Asanas for better Blood Circulation:

Downward Dog Pose:

This is a very basic pose practiced by beginners as well. You need to sit in a tabletop position and then raise your hips to form an inverted V shape using your entire body. Next step is to release your head and neck and let them relax for five or seven deep breaths. Repeat the process sometimes.

Triangle Pose:

This pose can be a bit challenging at first but practice will help you to get better and perfect alignments. First, you need to step your right foot forward into a plunge and straighten the other leg. Repeat the same with alternate legs. Keep your hands respective hands on your shin and other towards the ceiling. Try to maintain the pose for a few minutes.

Pigeon pose:

To do this pose, you will have to start in a downward facing dog position and then come to a three-legged position. Next you need to bring your right knee forward and align it with your right hand, keeping your shin parallel to the yoga mat. You need to extend your left leg and rest the knee and toe on the mat. For further modification, you can square your hips and rest your forehead on your hands. Try to hold the pose for about two minutes or more.

Cat-Cow Pose:

This is quite simple a pose to practice compared to other yoga asanas. Sit in a table top position so that your toes and arms rest on the yoga mat. With inhalation, lift your head and look towards the ceiling as you form an arch by pushing your back towards the floor. As you exhale, form an arch upwards. Repeat this process a few times for getting a nice stretch.

Mountain Pose:

To start with this pose, stand with your feet at a hip distance apart, with the head, shoulder and glutes aligned perfectly. Keep you arms on sides of your body. Now, slowly take your arms upwards to align your biceps with your ears. Take deep breaths and hold this posture for about 30 seconds.

Legs Up the Wall Pose:

Simply lie down on your back near a wall, with hips as close to the wall as possible. Move your feet slowly in the form of walking up the wall. This will help you form an L shape using your body. Keep your arms at rest by your sides and hold the pose for about 10 minutes as you take deep breaths.

Chair Pose:

Keep your feet on the yoga mat, either together or at a hip distance. Slowly bend your knees and transfer the body weight on your heels. The pose, as named, should resemble sitting on a chair. You can lift your arms above or keep them by your side and hold the position for a few breaths.


All the poses mentioned above will increase flexibility of your body, and more importantly, blood circulation. They are light warm-up poses that amp up your blood circulation quality and improve your yoga sequence as a whole.

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