10 Challenges Faced by Android App Development in 2022

Top 10 Challenges Faced by Android App Development in 2022. Hire an expert from a reputed firm to build the app of your dreams while knowing the challenges ahead!

Mobile Applications have changed the route of interaction for customers and individuals. With the change in technology and time, different applications are available to people. Due to this rise in mobile apps, many Smartphone models have emerged. Now each individual has a Smartphone which they can use for different purposes. You are just one click away from accessing any service.

It is essential to have a mobile application to use smartphones as it offers them a better scope to connect with the users effectively. So, various businesses are approaching an Android app development company to build their mobile applications based on their requirements. For this reason, you have to hire the best App developers in Hyderabad to make your application designed by them.

Developers need to have some skills and technical knowledge to create Android or iOS applications with many features. It is why many business owners and users choose the best Android or iOS app development company to build them the application that exactly suits their requirements. However, developing mobile applications is not always easy for some developers. They tend to face some challenges during the Android app development. Let's discuss the challenges faced by Android developers during Android application development.


Custom or Standard UI:

The most important thing you require during the Android development of the application is User Interface(UI). If you pick the proper Android app development organization, you can get a better UI. The outstanding UI identifies your brand and creates an influence on the end-users.

With the customization of OS, professional developers have to think about whether to go with the custom or standard UI. If they choose custom UI, they don't have the accessibility to use some attributes. They need to follow some guidelines. The application with a better UI design will maintain compatibility with other devices.

Compatibility of API:

App development becomes more accessible by using APIs. The Android app developers do some work by using APIs to meet the business needs of a client or customer. When you build APIs, you will get desired features and authentication to the applications. But sometimes, it isn't effortless for the developers to offer compatibility during the application development. Overcoming API's problem is a vast and challenging stage for developers during the application development.


The developers of any Mobile app development company have to put their complete effort into all the steps of mobile app development. Monitoring the Android app with total security is essential as Android is an open-source Operating System(OS). If there is a presence of malware in some applications it can redirect users to other URLs. The programmers have to find a route to create the application with complete security. It is a crucial step and a challenge for the developers to handle during app development.


With the emerging technologies, scalability became essential to maintain during the mobile app development in any company. A few of them are Virtual Reality(VR), Machine Learning(ML), and Artificial Intelligence(AI). Many developers learn these innovations for building applications with more scalability to make the app function better.

App store visibility:

Supporting certain company's apps in this competitive world on an App Store platform is a challenging task for developers because there are millions of applications present in it. Therefore, even when an application is created with advancements, knowledge, and expertise, the challenge is mainly to create an application that suits your company's needs and make it visible on any app store.

Copyright issues:

To fix a mobile application, developers need to deal with copyright issues. So make sure to reach out to the best Mobile app development company in Hyderabad to avoid these issues.

Battery and Storage capacity:

An app's performance should be so that it should not alter the battery and storage capacity of the mobile application. Using an app that consumes more energy may not be used by Smartphone users. During development, it is the main challenge for developers to create an app with better storage capacity and battery.


Building a simple application consisting of fantastic UI/UX design and integrating it with SQL features is the more significant challenge for a developer during Android application development. The professionals need to get updated and learn the new technologies to face this challenge.

Programming languages:

A Mobile App Development Company developer needs to choose Kotlin or Java as a programming language during the app development process. Because both languages are the ones used in creating a mobile application. The experts face challenges when choosing a programming language during app development. They need to be knowledgeable on Java or Kotlin to write the code and build the app.

Software Fragmentation:

Many devices run on different versions, which is a great challenge faced by developers to monitor the alterations all the time. Most developers make use of the new version. But here comes the issue: some users do not go for the latest versions. This mismatch is a great challenge to face during mobile app development.

Final Thoughts:

These are the challenges that app developers need to go through during Android app development. But if you hire professionals to build your apps, they create an app that meets your specific needs.

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