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10 Designer Sarees That will Make Your Makar Sankranti Happening

Here are the 10 best sarees to choose for your perfect makar sankranti festival.

The list of festivals is never ending. They come one by one and you need a proper and matching dress according to the festival that is going to come. Yet another festival is coming and you need a beautiful saree to wear at this festival. Makar sankranti is the festival of kites and food but along with it you also need to flaunt your traditional or ethnic look on this day. As the climate is not so cool these days, choose a fabric that is comfortable and soft to wear. 

Some fabrics like cotton, georgette, chiffon or jute are the best one to pick for this festival. Searching for sarees in the market is a boring task and it also consumes a lot of time, a better option is to scroll for it online on websites. You can choose some beautiful wholesale sarees from any of the online websites that you like.  

1. Printed Cotton Saree:

designer sarees

Wearing a beautiful cotton saree that has some adoring prints and designs can be a perfect festive wear outfit. The prints may contain flowers, geometric design, animal prints and some other adoring prints that makes the saree a proper traditional outfit.

2. Block Print Saree:

designer sarees

The block print consists of some amazing gestures and design that are printed on the saree using wooden blocks. This white and blue zig-zag lining saree is a must wear saree for festival and functions. Wear it in the afternoon to get relief and fresh vibes.

3. Beautiful Jute Saree:

designer sarees

It is a strong and absorbent fabric that is made from jute threads. A relevant fabric is obtained by spinning the threads together. It absorbs moisture and keeps you cool and fresh in summers. This simple and elegant jute saree can be a perfect one for this festival. 

4. Traditional Bandhani Saree:

designer sarees

A bright colour bandhani saree is one of the most beautiful one in the list. The traditional print of Gujarat consists of some tiny square designs that are printed all over the saree that look much adoring. A georgette bandhani saree can be worn as a festive wear to get a brilliant look. 

5. Printed Ruffle Saree:

For attending an evening party a beautiful printed ruffle saree is a great pick. Ruffle is the new trend nowadays, wearing a pretty ruffle saree on this day will really make your day. You will be the limelight of the party if you wear this amazing attire. A multi coloured ruffle saree will be the best. 

6. Handloom Saree:

. Handloom Saree

A beautiful handloom saree is the best one to wear on festivals or any occasion. They usually have linings or geometrical prints and are available in beautiful colours. They can be worn at the time of gatherings or when you are going to meet your relatives or friends. It can also be worn at the time of puja. 

7. Ravishing Net Saree:

Ravishing Net Saree

A stunning net saree is the perfect one for evening gatherings. Like this aqua blue floral printed net saree having tassels at the end of pallu is making it look more interesting. The colour combination of blue and orange is making it a ravishing attire.

8. Pretty Gadwal Saree:

Pretty Gadwal Saree

It is a famous handicraft saree that has its origin from Gadwal, Telangana. A pretty and colourful one to wear on the occasion. The outfit is detailed with some beautiful golden and silver zari work that gives it a more glorifying look. 

9. The Kota Doria Saree:

The Kota Doria Saree

They are the traditional saree that has its origin from Kota, Rajasthan. The fabric is absorbent and light in weight and is preferable for any climatic condition. The saree is detailed with some beautiful prints and designs that makes it look more alluring. 

10. Gorgeous Tant Saree:

It is a traditional Bengali saree which is available in so many different colours and patterns and is a perfect summer wear. This classy and gorgeous saree is light in weight and easy to carry and manage. Beautiful borders make it look more gorgeous and ravishing. 

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