2022 Top Software Development Trends and Benefits

What Software Development Trends will lead 2021? Read this article to know Top 6 Custom Software Development Trends in 2021. Lots of trends come and go in this moder

Lots of trends come and go in this modern period of time, but few trends last longer than We Could Imagine. Custom Software Development is one of them, which helps businesses to drive growth and revenue.

In the few years, critical buzzwords have already occupied the Custom Software Development industry's reality and proven their value to many other businesses. Software development trends are becoming more mature and spreading out across the globe.

In this article, We’ll explore some of the top Software Development Trends in 2022, and their benefits from a custom software development company.

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Top Software Development Trends of 2022

Let’s analyze the Latest Technologies that will influence the software industry in 2022 and also see their benefits. Let’s explore the leading trends.

AI-First Software

According to a Gartner study, Companies who have developed more than 4 AI projects are more likely to grab success for their projects in the coming years. 

The latest is now about integrating AI in the existing web development solutions, It’s about emphasizing AI-first Software Development Engineering. Artificial Intelligence becomes the center point of Web Development Design. 

AI-First Web Development Strategy is Empowered by such technologies as voice recognition, Deep learning, visions, Etc. The benefits of these technologies for business are:

  • Assistance in Decision Making

  • Enhance Customer service level

  • Controls quality 


Blockchain allows transferring Money and other financial information without involving 3rd party systems or an Intermediary. 

In Web development, Blockchain Technology assistance helps keep Financial Records Transparent and unchangeable. 

The Mechanism behind security measures is that in Blockchain data is encrypted, and chained with other Data entries.

The benefits of Blockchain Technology are:- 

  • Transparency in Transactions

  • Data Storage Safety

  • Smart Contracts

Low Code Development 

Low Code is positively adopted by the top custom web application development. It implies developing Applications through visual interfaces without coding. 

Developers can easily drag and Drop pre-built components to applications, while code Develops automatically and can be modified.

Top Benefits of Low Code Development for Software Development Company and business.

  • Quick and fast Development

  • Validating Business Risk

  • Lacking UX Resources

Progressive Web Applications 

Progressive Web Application PWAs, are web applications that can work exactly like a Mobile Application Without being Downloaded. 

Using progressive enhancement, New capabilities are enabled in modern browsers. 

The best function of progressive web applications, they provide a unique opportunity to deliver a high web experience to your customer or user.

 The top benefits of Progressive Web Application are:- 

  • Smother Work experience 

  • Reduction in development time and cost

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages, Its significant steps to enhance users Mobile Browsing experience. In simpler terms, AMP initiated Project design to optimize Faster Mobile Pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages were Introduced Publicly back in 2015, And It has become the latest Web Technology Trends. 

The top Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages are:-

  • Faster Page load Time

  • Enhances availability in Google Search Engine Page Results (SEPR) on Mobile.

Voices Search Optimization and Push Notifications

According to the Gartner Survey, 30% of Searches will be made using Voice Searches in 2021. Voices Searches are one of the popular Web Development Trends Because it has an influence on the Web.

Top Custom Software Development Companies exploring the potential of push Notification, for enhancing Marketing Campaigns.

Top Benefits of Voices Search Optimization and Push Notifications are:-

  • Generates more time- Speaking is faster than typing

  • Makes Accessible to everyone

  • Search without using Hands

2022 will be a growth year for Web Development

The Web Development Trends are leading through Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Low Code Development, and Progressive Web Application (PWAs). Chapter247 is a Top Custom Software Development Company that actively adopts new Web Development Trends over time.

Getting an overall understanding of these latest Web Development Trends and choose the most suitable for your business growth.

If you’re looking for a Software Development Outsourcing Partner to take over your business projects, Chapter247 Infotech will be the best choice for you. 

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