3 Ways LED Parking Lot Lights Will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

If you are running a car dealership we don’t need to reiterate how competitive your business is. With more than 16000 dealerships across the United States, you just can’t afford to take your feet off the accelerator if you wish to remain relevant in the market. It won’t be wrong to say that this business is already showing signs of consolidation where dominant players have created a huge gap between themselves and their rivals. This is the reason some dealerships tend to enjoy a disproportionate share of the sales even when they sell the same makes and models like their competitors. As you very well know success in this business often determined by how well the car is presented to the potential customer.

You may be dealing with the most popular brand in the market and have hired the best sales team but that isn’t just enough in the business. You will need to attract potential customers to your showroom and once they are in you need to ignite an immediate desire in their minds to own the vehicles on display. This is where ambiance plays a very important role in the number of sales you garner and the market share you enjoy. Talking about ambiance nothing works better in displaying a vehicle in its best form than lights. In the 21st century, world LED lights can transform your dealership and give you an edge over your rivals. Let us discuss three reasons why you should light up your parking lot with LED lights and how it will help improve income at your dealership.

1: Price isn’t the sole crowd puller anymore

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About a decade or two back a car dealership could account for the bulk of the sales in the community based on price alone. Most customers would prefer going to dealerships that promised them more value for money. But that strategy is long dead and gone in the age of the Internet where most customers care to compare the online prices before they head out to get a real look at the car they plan to purchase.        So the price you are quoting for a vehicle is likely to be the same that other dealerships offer or not have much of a difference either to bring a customer or drive him or her to another dealership.

With the price factor not serving as a USP anymore (unless of course, you promise to sell car way cheaper than your rivals) the competition boils down to the environ you have in your parking lot. If you are able to display your vehicles in a beautiful and creative way you would be able to attract more customers to your dealership. This is where premium LED parking lot lights can work to your advantage. A potential customer zipping past your dealership on a car would be attracted and this offers you an advantage over your competitors.

2: They grab attention immediately

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As someone who has been in this business for long, you’d already know the importance of displaying vehicles at their best. You don’t have control over the look and feel of the stock vehicle and your customers can easily find the same makes and models elsewhere. How do you grab their attention immediately? How do you convince them that the model on display would add to their lifestyle? This is where good lighting can do the magic for you. LED parking lot lights enhance the look of the vehicle immediately. By investing in good LED lights you will be able to present the vehicles at their best and these increases the odds of converting a potential customer into a sale.

LED lights come in different colors and types and this will give you the creative freedom to use them in presenting the car in a better way. You will be able to highlight parts of the vehicle which are its unique selling point and convince the customer about buying it. The biggest advantage with LED lighting is the fact that they are highly energy efficient and this allows you to add more lights to your parking lot without adding to the energy cost which is surely one of the major outgoes for any car dealership. In fact, you will be able to bring down your monthly energy bills and can use the additional resources in your marketing campaign.

3: Increase sale among tentative customer

Improve Income at Your Car Dealership
Any salesperson would tell that the real test of salesmanship lies in selling a product to a tentative customer. People who have set their eyes on a vehicle would drive one out anyway and in most cases come after having weighed in all the pros and cons. You won’t have to drop much sweat behind them. But it is the tentative customers who make this business integrating. Being able to sell a vehicle to them gives you a sense of joy and at the same time seeing them walk out empty handed creates doubts about your salesmanship in your mind.

You’d see dozens of such customers dropping into your dealership to take a look at vehicles on display. While these customers do need a vehicle (hence their interest in taking a look at the vehicle) but they are unsure of whether the models you have on display would meet their needs and desires. Such customers often need a final push that can convince them on how the vehicle perfectly fits into their lifestyle. This is where great lighting at your facility can help you increase the same among such customers. They would want to study the minutest thing about the vehicle in detail and LED parking lot lights to let them do it easily.

The bottom line – you are part of an extremely competitive market where you need to tighten all loose ends to succeed. Investing in LED parking lot lights would earn your great rewards. Along with increasing the number of potential customers walking into your dealership and income, it will also help bring down your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

: In this write-up, we talk about three ways in which LED parking lot lights can help in increasing income for car dealerships.

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