Car Key Fob Replacement

Learn Now How to Get a Car Key Fob Replacement

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Losing your car key fob isn’t something to look forward to. It’s also the same experience when your key gets stuck in the ignition or gets damaged. When stuck in such a situation, getting a replacement key urgently is a wise and logical solution. Luckily, you can have a fob replacement from a trusted auto locksmith in Oklahoma. This saves you from visiting a dealership, which takes time and more money.

Getting car key replacement

A new car comes with a set of spare keys. However, sometimes you might forget where you placed them especially when the original key is damaged. It’s highly recommende3d to have your master key duplicated by a professional locksmith to make you a spare. Locksmiths can make a master key but it’s important to have the locksmith make a replacement key specifically for your car brand and model.

Cars with transponder keys are harder to get spares since the keys are usually pre-programmed to work with a particular vehicle. Luckily, a locksmith can bypass this lockdown especially when they are specialized in making automotive keys. A professional auto locksmith can make a blank key and program it to work with your specific vehicle. Luckily, this is a more convenient and cost-effective solution that getting a replacement from a dealership. The locksmith comes and makes the replacement from your location and it works immediately instead of waiting to receive one from the dealership.

Car Key Fob Replacement

Replacing a key fob

If you your car uses a key fob, getting a replacement is much easier. There’s no need to visit the local dealership. You just have to visit a professional auto locksmith for key fob replacement in OKC. This is a better solution to get a key fob replacement programmed to work on your particular vehicle promptly. Authorized dealerships do fob replacement but take more time and cost a lot more. Locksmiths don’t request for a lot of paperwork and do the job on the spot at a considerably lower cost.

Working with an auto locksmith saves time to make you get back to your regular schedule. A mobile locksmith can reach you anywhere in Oklahoma at any time. Getting a replacement key fob is much quicker and done on the spot at a fraction of the cost if you had gone to the dealership. The locksmith will arrive promptly at your location to make you a new key and the job will be completed in less than an hour.

Replacing a car key fob

Why choose a key fob over a standard key

Newer car models come with key fobs that work differently from standard keys. Car key fobs have components including a key, keyless entry remote, and transponder. The fob relies on push button start technology that doesn’t require physically inserting a key into the ignition. The car will start according to the key fob proximity to the ignition. This process is much easier and convenient than standard keys since fob keys don’t have attached bells or whistles.

Other benefits of a key fob include:

  1. Starting your car remotely
  2. Unlocking the door is faster
  3. Opening the trunk remotely
  4. Unlocking all doors at the same time
  5. Turns on headlights for a  lighted approach
  6. Easy to find your car in a crowded parking

Replacing car key fob

Possible causes of key fob problems

Sometimes your key fob might not function properly making you experience frequent lockouts. The most common problems include battery requiring replacement or physical damage to the key. Any issue to a key fob inhibits it from working properly. Just like a damaged physical key can’t turn properly in the ignition, a key fob with damaged components can’t work and requires fixing immediately.

Alternatively, your key fob might get stolen or lost making accessing your car impossible. This is a bit harder since you have nothing to work with. Luckily, a certified auto locksmith can make you a replacement key from scratch. A locksmith performs the same job as a dealership but at a considerably fair price in the shortest time possible. This will see you get back on the road to accomplish whatever you were set out to accomplish.

Replacing car key fob

Bottom line

A key fob is a handy accessory for your vehicle compared to a regular lock. However, you have to be wary of situations that might make you unable to use your key. It might be stolen, damaged, or lost. The solution is to call a trusted auto locksmith to come and make a key fob replacement immediately.

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