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4 Trending Hair Color Techniques and Styles in 2019

Healthy hair is not just enough to give you a fresh look every time even if you keep changing the haircut, length and other aspects.

Whether you have short hair, long hair or want to maintain those bonny curls, a change in the color pattern is just the next step to bestow the ultimate glory to your bouncy tresses.

When the thought of transforming the hair color comes to the mind, say using Organic wheat blonde hair color you are absolutely going safe about your hair health. Then suddenly, there are several ideas in the mind before you can finally make up your mind finalizing the shade, technique and other factors. 

If you are in a state of utter confusion in finding the hair coloring technique in trend to give you an appealing look, here are some popular options to get a mindboggling new hairstyle.  

1. Baby lights

Baby lights Hair Color

All these years, girls are just tired of regular highlights wrapping foils on the colored hair to make sure it does not mess up with the other strands spoiling the consistency. For those who are not in the mood of going through major transitions to their natural hair color, start with Babylights. 

This procedure involves making slighter strokes of light shades on black to brown hair. Therefore, there will be very little change to your existing hair color without the need of doing too many touch ups when the hair grows longer after a few weeks. 

2. Frosting

For the girls having choppy or extremely short haircuts, frosting hair color technique can do wonders to achieve an enhanced hair makeover. Even if you have black hair, this method allows you to go several shades lighter by choosing colors such as wheat or even platinum blonde. 

As in the case with extremely light shades that need caring, you do not have to bother even if the color fades under the sun. Only your natural hair color comes out that is already paired with the applied tints. 

3. Lowlights

Lowlights Hair Color

While highlights have been extremely popular among teenagers when it comes to doing a hair color makeover, the lowlight is an option for the girls with very light natural hair color. 

Keeping your natural shade as the base color, the hairstylists tactfully apply a few shades darker hues only to glorify the original tint of your lovely locks. If you have short curly hair, just go for it to bestow voluminous shimmer to marvelous tresses.  

4. Somber

If you are not someone who likes the idea of going too many shades lighter as in the case of ombre, you can do it beautifully with sombre that lets you get the contrast effect with only one or two shades lighter. 

Sombre is slowly getting popular among women, as it looks more natural bequeathing a stunning appearance. Girls with very long mane should go for this technique requiring little to no maintenance with passing time. 

While balayage and ombre are still the most breathtaking hair coloring styles women crave for, the above mentioned are going to be in the trend for long in the future considering the convenience of maintenance and other factors. 

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