4 Types OfAttire Which Should Never Miss From A Ladies Wardrobe

4 Types OfAttire Which Should Never Miss From A Ladies Wardrobe

A lady’s wardrobe is the definition of her persona as it contains attire and dressing which describe her character. By visualizing a lady’s collection you can know her color preferences, style, and even occupation. Hence it is a large part of a lady’s personal life.

Still focusing on your attire collection as a lady, there are some clothes you cannot afford to miss having. This is true if you are the fashion-savvy type with a keen emphasis on your style. Below are some of the clads that should never miss from your wardrobe.

  1. Formal Dress

Formal Dress

For an official or corporate occasion or even for work duties, a formal dress is a must-have. A formal dress depicts your essence of professionalism and shows you take any engagement seriously.

Having formal attire ensures you are not locked out of certain events especially those insisting on some form of formality. For formal wear, you can go for dark colors which are more versatile and can pair well with any accessory of whichever color. JJ’s house has a decent collection of work-type attire which brings the serious aspect in you.

  1. Party Dresses

Party dresses

Once a while you may want to go out with your friend and a have a fulfilling night of partying and merrymaking. During such occasions, you need a clad which is a bit comfortable and matches the colorful party life. Look no further than the party dress. Your wardrobe needs to accommodate at least four dresses especially if you are the outgoing type.

With party dresses, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged or messed up as most are made of durable and non-staining material. Hop onto one party from another with this funky wear

  1. Casual Pants

Casual Pants
Casual pants are among the most versatile wardrobe additions which a lady should not miss. These darlings come in a lot of materials from denim, khaki, linen or pleather. One thing that sets them from the rest is the comfort that they provide. Additionally, you can don one in various setting be it a lazy day at home, while traveling or even when taking a stroll within the neighborhood.

They are also good for a night out especially when you consider their warmth which comes in handy during cold weather. A pair of shorts also fit in the pants category and add some aspect of playfulness to your character.

  1. A Jacket

Leather winter jackets

A jacket comes to play in several situations such as during cold weather or when you want to pull out a layered look.  There are formal jackets suitable for official situations. However, for a rugged or some masculine look, throw in a leather or denim jacket. A trench coat is also a nice addition which you can put on to grace both casual and formal events.


As a lady, you need to have a widely adaptable wardrobe to cater to the needs of various occasions, dictated by both weather and meetups. Aforementioned are some clad pieces which should never miss from your collection to complete your tag of a fad-conscious lady.

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