5 Best Mental Exercises

Mental health is an important component of general well-being.

Mental health is an important component of general well-being. As such, it is vital for us to exercise our brains out to ensure their health and fitness. This ensures that our minds remain in a stable condition for a long time. With that in mind, there are varieties of mental exercises- many actually but we have to use the best, right?

Your mind has atrophies just like your body. To be more specific it’s cognitive reserve reduces- Ability to withstand most neurological damages due to many factors like aging decreases leading to signs of slowing brain activity or memory loss. The workouts assist you to indulge in makes your brain more resistant to these changes by accelerating your brain’s cognitive reserve.

Top five best mental exercises

Here is a breakdown of the top five mental exercises based on custom writing assessment:

  1. Learn to something new 

Mental Exercises Learn something new 

Nothing makes the mind adaptive than learning a new idea. Whether it is a musical instrument or a foreign language, you should always have something new coming up. When you learn something new your brain chemistry changes to suit the new task- white matter (myelin ) in your brain becomes denser when you learn something new and the more you learn the denser it becomes-making your learning better . You should probably take on something, which is a bit complex as it also connects your skill areas helping you interconnect ideas and come up with innovations. Besides learning, more makes it easier for you to interact with others, as you will have more to share with them.

  1. Get enough sleep

When you sleep, you give your brain a chance to rest after a long training day. Enough sleep is vital for a healthy brain since the brain powers when sleeping. Besides sleep has also been closely associated with the myelin in your brain that determines your learning rate. Little or no sleep can reduce the grey matter volume in your head, which deters your ability to learn faster. For a better sleeping environment, you should make your room darker and avoid stimulants in your bed.

  1. Do puzzles 

Do puzzles 

Puzzles make your mind active and promote creativity and innovation. Puzzles are activators for your mind- deciphering high caliber math quizzes, working on abstract concepts and helping find answers to challenging questions is a game-changer for your mental health. Besides, there are different game puzzles that you should play if you want to make your mind more active. These games include; chess, Sudoku, crosswords, card games, and word jumbles.  You should also welcome puzzles in your life and work on solving them rather than running away from them.

  1. Interact with new people (in the real world) 

Social media, SMS, and email have made communications virtually easy and possible for us to interact. However, while using these communication forms, we have ignored the central core of our existence- Face-to-face interactions. These interactions make our minds more active- As you have to think faster to interact with someone; you just cannot leave any conversation hanging out there.

Indulging in discussions, forums and exchanging ideas will also prove invaluable to you by enabling you to think of a broader depth. You should also prefer calls than SMS and make efforts to visit social events where you can interact with new people and share ideas.

  1. Indulge in your passions 

You should rekindle and indulge on all of your lovable curiosities and hobbies out there in the world. Always do what you like most; you will find your brain anticipating every time for the best? Each community has its own interests and joining them could reignite old or forgotten passions in your existence. You should start with hobbies such as sports participation, playing musical instruments and reading books, blogs or poetry. All these activities will make your mind more active hence promoting its overall health.

Good health starts with proper mental health. You should therefore ensure that you carry out mental exercises every single day in your life. Doing so guarantees your brain’s abilities to withstand aging while also avoiding the common memory loss.

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