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5 Challenges You Face While Starting a Mobile App Development Business

So, you are fascinated by the glory of the mobile app market and are eager to taste a slice of the app market revenue. You want to start a mobile app development Starting Business and rise above the existing mobile application development companies, but not sure how to get your feet wet.

While there’s a lot more you can learn and experiment when it comes to becoming apparent, here are the five most prevalent challenges you come across in an app development Starting Business:-

  1. Overcrowded Market

Overcrowded Market

Let’s be honest. You are not the only one investing in app startup. There is a myriad of mobile app development companies already existing, while many preparing to join this bandwagon. In such a scenario, it is quite possible that the app idea you come forward with is already taken. And if it happens, it is obvious that all your time, cost, and efforts contributed business to the development process will go in vain. Sounds terrific? Wondering how to circumvent this situation?

Well, the right way to tackle this situation is market research. Put your 100% into analyzing the market and gauging if there’s any market for your app idea. Also, look forward to competitive analysis and pick out their pain points to prove your app idea better than theirs. The market is, undoubtedly, jam-packed. But this calculated approach will cut down on the competitive risk and help your brand established significantly.

  1. Funding Starting Business

Funding business

Mobile app development is an expensive task. It cost for, on an average, $2,000- $1,50,000, which is quite tricky to gather at once. If you look into the market, there are various innovative app ideas that never entered the market or become dead since the respective mobile app developers couldn’t afford more.

To ensure that you do not face the shortage of funding, reach to fundraising sites like Kickstarter. Optimize your needs appropriately by cutting down the expenses wherever possible. And, launch an MVP rather than releasing a complete mobile app. An MVP, being the basic version of your application, will help you test your app idea with a lesser risk of financial loss. Also, an MVP will help you to raise funds for your app idea. So, look forward to it.

  1. Device Compatibility

Device Compatibility

Not every person on this planet uses the same device. So, developing an app for a particular smartphone is complete nonsense. You have to target a variety of devices to reach and entertain your audience. But the challenge that here comes is how many? Every device has a different screen size, pixel intensities, OS versions, technologies integrated, etc., which brings a major impact on the time, efforts, and cost you put into the app development process. How to keep a balance between the two?

There are basically two solutions for overcoming this challenge. Firstly, you can pick some of the devices and OS manually and begin with the application development process. Secondly, you can turn your app responsive for all the devices and platforms by considering cross-platform app development. Regardless of which option you choose, test your app well and better release a beta version.

  1. User Experience

User Experience business

Another challenge that mobile app development startups face is how to maintain a balance between the technology trends and the user experience. No wonder, you want to develop an app that offers all the exclusive services, you need to consider the simplicity and interactivity of the application.

No user sits with a manual book while using a mobile app. So, it’s your responsibility to build a self-explanatory application – an application that seems simple not only to you but also to the non-tech user base.

When it comes to providing the best user experience to your target audience, the best strategy is to get into their shoes. Understand your user persona and plan for embedding advanced technologies and services into your application without compromising on the simplicity factor. You should also look forward to UI guidelines for Android, iOS and other targeted platforms to pick the UI patterns your users are acquainted with.

  1. Performance vs Battery Life

Battery Life

Performance vs Battery life balance is yet another major challenge to watch out while Starting Business a mobile application development Starting Business. If your application drains the device battery extensively or crashes every single minute, the users will surely exit the platform. This, on a long run, will result in lesser app downloads, lower market presence, and minimal ROI.

An effective approach to bearing with this challenge is to keep the performance factor into consideration throughout. From designing to development and testing, ensure that all the elements added to the app project go perfectly with the devices’ battery capacity. Additionally, do invest in beta testing to record the user’s response and make your app market ready.

The aforementioned pointers do not confirm that your mobile app development Starting Business will have a smoother entry in the app industry. However, considering them can lessen your efforts in some way and help you establish your brand as a pro.


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