5 Interior Designers’ Secrets to Design Your Home Like a Pro

A homeowner would always love the prospect of incorporating designs into the living space.

A homeowner would always love the prospect of incorporating designs into the living space. Everyone has a nice home exterior, but if you can present a stylish interior space, it speaks about your class as a pension. Hence, you would be eager to get in touch with interiors designers and discuss ideas to make the living space more beautiful. If you are eager to undertake impactful design changes, in the living space, you can contact us at DS INFRA. We are the best interior designer in Kolkata and can do work that will transform the living space beyond your imagination.  Here are five interior designer secrets that can transform your home. 

A Color Theme

This is a significant part of residential interior design and via strategic use of color, there is the scope to create an impact. It is important to choose a color theme based on the mood of your home. There should be a primary color for the walls, secondary color for the furnishings. One must also have an accent color 

Play with Texture

There is the opportunity to create an impact with texture. It offers the scope to add dimension to an otherwise flat area. Our professionals will make a difference by incorporating varied fabrics, tile patterns and that should help to create the wow impact. A room can have furnishings that are white & brown. However, we make a difference by incorporating diverse textures, shapes, accent colors. 

The Proper Selection of Furniture

You need to select furniture that is functional but comfortable. However, if you can choose some stylish pieces, it should help in portraying a design statement. There are plenty of ideas, which we can share with you. A large colorful sofa with a thin framed coffee table will be eye-catching.  One can add a chunky armchair and that should look perfect. 

Declutter the Room with Custom-Built Inns

This is another way how through designs we can make a difference to your living space. Clutter formation is bound to happen and more so if you are dealing with a growing family. The space does not look good and the living space could become dysfunctional. You need proper storage and we can incorporate at your place some stylish custom-built inns. This is the space where you can display books or the little one can keep his/her toys. You will perhaps need storage in the kitchen space and one can incorporate hanging themes. 

Add Plants to Every Room

One can even think of adding plants to every room at your home. It has been for a long time that we have been detached from nature due to the pandemic and this is always a natural design theme that one can think of for the living space. 


Here are five design ideas that you can incorporate into the living space of your home. These ideas will create an impact and we are ready to professionally execute these themes into your living space in Kolkata city. We will create an impact that will bring out the wow impact from visitors into your abode.

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