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5 Red Flags of Home Improvement you Should Never Neglect

Having a well structured and well-maintained home is the dream of every person. Follow your dream by improving your home from time to time

The importance of repairing damaged part and improving the overall look of one’s house is quite clear. It is not something that you should overlook. If you neglect a little damage, you may have to face some serious consequences in the future. Even if it is just a small water spot on the ceiling, the situation might get worse if you keep on ignoring it. You cannot close your eyes to escape accepting the truth. So neglecting is not a good option. If you think that you can save your money for the time being just because the problem is very small then you are wrong. The reason is that if unattended, a small problem in your home may cause inevitable damage. Also, it will decrease your property value. So to avoid it home maintenance cannot be neglected. Here, take a quick look at some red flags in home improvement that you should never put off.

1. A damp and moist basement

Basement Renovation

If you feel like your basement is turning damp and moist then it could be an alarming situation. This situation points towards a major problem which if neglected, can lead to severe consequences. It can not only damage the overall structure of the basement but also it can lead to toxic mold that can be hazardous to your health. Some of the common signs include a foul odor of mildew or mold, humid air, condensation on floors and walls or water tricking out of basement walls, etc. this can be because of rain that can bring a thousand gallon of water to seep into your basement, cooking, showers or newly constructed concrete, etc.
Possible solutions to this problem are:

  • If it is because of an interior leak you can call a plumber or can fix it by yourself. Check the source of leakage first and then fix it as soon as possible.
  • If it is because of the ineffective grading of your yard, you have to make a slope such that the direction of water is away from your house.
  • You have to check if the outside gutter is not working well or if there is no gutter. If there is already a gutter, try to use extenders that will disperse the water away. If there is no gutter add one.
  • Make sure there are no cracks in your foundation otherwise fill them properly to prevent water from seeping through.

2. Rotting Deck

Home Renovation

Another problem that cannot be forsaken is a rotting deck. There could be a number of reasons for deck rotting. This includes high pressure and consistent use which makes it decay and rot. Also, pooling water and moisture can be another cause. Dry rot can cause your wooden deck to decay in days because it is caused by microorganisms. These microorganisms used to eat cellulose from wood resulting in wood decay. Possible solutions to this problem are given below.

  • One great solution is the use of rot-resistant wood. You can go with cedar, mahogany, redwood or Cyprus to prevent your deck from rotting. But still, it will need some maintenance though not any sooner.
  • If there is a tree that shadows the wooden deck then cut its branches so that it would not block the sunlight. Sunlight is a great way to keep the wooden, dry and moisture-free.
  • Replace the boards of an old wooden deck that got cracked due to continuous usage and pressure with some new and firm boards.
  • The best solution is the use of composite decking that is resistant to rot. Also, it lasts longer and is easy to maintain.

3. Dripping bathroom faucets

You may hear water dripping all the time from your bathroom faucets. Annoying! Isn’t it? If you have been avoiding this problem from a long time then there is a high chance that the leakage has got even worse. If it has just started, then you should replace the faucet to avoid any serious water leakage problem which in turn can affect your ceilings and floors. If the situation is being prolonged then you have to replace not only the faucet but also the washers and the O-rings to completely get rid of this problem. To get the best quality toilet products, go for bathroom inspector without any hassle.

4. A runny toilet 

Another irritating situation is when your toilet water is kept on flowing even after flushing the tank. It may not bother you that much but this can lead to a huge wastage of water. Also, continuous water leakage may result in hard water stains that look nasty and are extremely hard to get rid of. In this situation seek help from a plumber who will probably adjust or replace the flapper or check and adjust the fill tube in the toilet.

5. Caulk peeling away

Moisture or water can turn the caulk to peel away. Mostly you have to face this problem near the bathtubs or sinks in your bathrooms, outside around windows and doors, etc. It can result in rotting and growth of mold or mildew. Overall it gives such cranky look to the whole place. Replacing it is neither costly nor difficult. All you need to do is to remove the worn-out caulk with a knife and then apply mineral spirits with a towel or brush. After that, replace it with a new one.

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