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Best Tips For Writing An Essay

Keep these tips in mind when writing your next essay and drag that thick 8 inside. During your studies, it may happen that you have to write an essay. Or maybe you should hand in one soon. You just don’t shake something like that out of your sleeve. And of course it should not be a weak story, it must really be about something. Here Custom Writing Service will give some tips about how to write an essay. Will give some tips about how to write an essay.

1. Assessment Criteria

Essay Writing

You are instructed to write an essay about a certain subject or you can choose what you want to write about. But a teacher nevertheless has certain expectations because of course he will assess it. Read the assignment carefully so that you know what is expected.

Make it clear to yourself what your teacher is going to pay attention to before making the wrong choices and it will take you a lot of time. For example, you can ask a fellow student who has already taken this course at this teacher what he or she was watching.

2. Immerse Yourself In The Subject

Don’t just start writing, but first read the subject you are about to write about. Afterwards you notice that this is really much easier than gradually looking up all kinds of information and it works a lot faster. Don’t stick to a single source, but use multiple sources, this way you get to know the subject from different perspectives.

3. Write The Introduction Last

Essay Writing

This is different, we  understand you want to start at the beginning with the  introduction is one of the first ‘chapters’. But how can you write the introduction if you still have to start writing your entire essay? So save this for when the end is in sight.

4. Your Arguments

You have started writing your essay. Your essay, you must support it. After all, you have immersed yourself in the subject, not the one who reads it. You have to convince the reader of your position based on your arguments.

You can also do this on the basis of a counter-argument that you then reason away with a super-good argument of course, otherwise it makes little sense to use counter-arguments. This way you not only start from your own opinion but also from that of others and that gives just a little extra content.

5. “Writer’s Block”

It can happen that you get stuck and just don’t know how to continue. That is actually very normal. Do you think a book will be written in one go? No. Sometimes you just have to take a break and take some distance. Or take a look at examples of essays, who knows, maybe you will come to new insights and you can continue on.

6. Rewriting

Keep reading what you are doing all the time, sometimes you look at it differently and you suddenly see that things have to change. Keep making adjustments and improving, so that you arrive at a good and convincing essay that you can use to showcase yourself.

7. The Conclusion

This is actually a summary of everything you’ve written for this chapter. The intention is that all the main points of your essay in this chapter come together to form a whole. But beware that it is not an exact repetition of what you have said before.

If you want to say the same thing, then put it slightly differently. For example, also end with a catchy statement sentence, that lingers well with the readers. It is important that you say nothing new in your conclusion.

8. Write The Introduction

Now that you have almost finished your essay, you can finally write the introduction. Introduce the subject and indicate from which statement you want to convince the reader.

To really trigger the reader you can, for example, quote a well-known person who has said something about the subject or mention a striking fact about the subject. You have to retract the story to the reader and make sure that you want to find out how you approached this.

9. Word Choice

An essay is not a report of a number of pages. While writing long texts you quickly make use of words such as ‘also’, ‘further’ and ‘in addition’. Try to take that into account. When you have finished your essay, search for these words in your document and change them if it appears that they do occur very often.

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