5 Safety Measures to Prevent Constructions Mishaps

Using a road roller and construction sites are generally safe as long as everyone follows the right safety measures. Every construction company should provide the right training and equipment to keep workers safe from any mishap as much as possible.

Safety measures should always be taken seriously. If you want to provide a safe and hazard-proof environment for you and your employees, here are some safety measures you should remember to implement in your construction site.

Provide Proper Training

The first safety measure you should always provide is proper training. This is your first safety net. The kind of training you should provide is thorough. You shouldn’t assume that your employees know or had proper training before.

Treat this as a refresher course, especially if you contract the same workers. Failure to provide proper training can result in injuries and construction mishaps that can be fatal. Safe workplaces can also reduce overall construction costs. The benefits of proper training can reduce insured losses, administrative penalties, litigation, and other legal fees.

Take some time and create a training plan for your workers. The training plan can include safety training for new equipment, new workers, refresher courses, and training updates. According to BoomAndBucket.com, prioritize common mistakes, risks, and potential incidents when going through your plan. Remember to keep the plan simple so that everyone can comprehend each topic thoroughly.

Evaluate The Construction Site

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It’s a good habit to evaluate your construction site as much as possible. This gives you an update and lets you identify any developing hazards over time. If you work in a construction site, as much as possible, remain vigilant around the area.

If you’re having doubts there’s no harm in reporting to your main supervisor. Even common equipment can be faulty at times. Check your ladders and scaffolding as much as possible. These go through significant wear and tear over time, which can be dangerous if left unchecked.

Construction sites have a lot of electrical installations. Heavy equipment that uses electric drives should always be handled with caution. Always check if they’re in good condition. Portable equipment should have protected cables and should always be kept away from water.

When not in use, remove it from the plug. It’s always easy just to plug it back in. You’ll be making sure that your portable equipment runs when you want it to, which can significantly reduce injuries and accidents on site.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Construction site safety procedures require workers to always wear their protective equipment. The right clothing for the site should also be provided by the employers to ensure uniformity, as well as safety. Most construction sites should require the following personal protective equipment.

  • Helmet

Prevent Constructions work Helmet

At all times a helmet should be provided and worn by personnel on the premises.

  • Safety Goggles

To protect the eyes from debris, safety goggles should be provided and worn.

  • Safety Vests

Safety vests ensure that your workers are visible. Visibility is essential to keep employees safe.

  • Protective Gloves

Protective gloves protect against cuts and potential blisters during work hours.

  • Respirators

Respirators protect your workers from dangerous fumes especially if they’re working around chemicals.

  • Anti-slip Footwear

The right footwear can save a person from injuries. It’s best to provide anti-slip footwear to take care of this problem.

Establish Proper Material Handling and Storage

Properly handling materials can easily prevent a lot of injuries. This should be covered during safety training. Teaching workers how to properly lift materials will make sure that they avoid injuries as much as possible.

When it comes to heavy equipment, make sure that whoever handles the specific equipment knows the limitations. Equipment is expensive and proper care can make them last through time. This also allows your workers to effectively handle the equipment to its maximum potential.

When the day ends, workers should practice good habits. Equipment and materials should be kept in their proper storage. Keeping equipment and materials organized can speed things up for the next working day.

Keep First Aid Nearby

Supervisors and contractors should keep first aid supplies accessible at all times. It’s impossible for employees to carry their kit but letting them know where the nearest first aid is can make things easier for them in case an injury or accident should occur.

If you’re working on-site and you’re unable to identify any nearby first aid, be sure to inform your supervisor as soon as possible. Injuries treated immediately also prevents infection from occurring.

Key Takeaway

Construction equipment like road rollers and many more are essential for various construction sites. Before you let your workers dive in, make sure that you provide the right safety measures and equipment on site.

The right habits can prevent most injuries and accidents that can slow down construction overall. Make it an effort to provide the best personal protective equipment and training for your workers so you can prevent construction mishaps.

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