5 Things to consider in renting a condo

Most people would prefer to live and buy condo units. Before buying one it is necessary to know important things so your purchase will be worth whle.

Singapore has one of the most diverse housing types in Asia. It has a variety of options that differ in location, price, and amenities. This is because it has one of the most expensive costs of living. Its living costs have always been high because of the tight competition for space in Singapore. This is because it has limited land and a very high number of residents. The demand has always been greater than its supply. This is why the cost of living is high. There are many options like apartments and condo for rent Singapore housings. These housing options have advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most common housing types is a condo for rent Singapore units. This kind of housing type is everywhere. This is because it offers many advantages and is practical especially for working individuals. A property agent can get the right condo for you. You just have to know what you want and how much you can afford. Since there are many options you have to carefully plan and think about what kind of condo you are looking for. There are many choices, especially when you hire a property agent. So, in this article, we will talk about the 5 things you have to consider when renting a condo. It is to further help you decide which condo unit is perfect for you. 

#1 Condition of building

One of the first things a renter must consider is the condition of the building. This would play a great factor in determining the Singapore condo price. Many new condo units may be more pricey. While there those that are relatively old so they can offer it at a lesser price. However, older condos may also be lesser or poorer in quality. There is brand new condo for rent Singapore units that are available in the property market. This is because the developers go into this kind of housing because of the high demand. There are older ones which are still in  good condition. Choose the condo unit that is right for your taste and budget. 

#2 Accessibility

Accessibility is an important thing since it can save you so much time and money. Accessibility is determined through the available necessities around your condo unit. It can be your work location and transportation services. The condo for rent Singapore units must be near grocery stores and other infrastructures like hospitals. This is practical because being near these kinds of buildings can save you more time and money in the long run. Although being near these buildings may drive your Singapore house price higher. Aside from the building itself, Singapore condo price trends are determined by which infrastructure surrounds it. 

#3 Amenities

Amenities should also be considered since it is one of the things that affect the Singapore condo price higher. Amenities can be a variety of pools, gyms, and other areas such as grilling areas. Other amenities may not be available in your condo for rent Singapore area and it may be a good thing since the price can be cheaper. Find a property agent that can find you the perfect condo unit at the perfect price that fits your budget. 

#4 Price

Since there are many condos for rent Singapore units available, there are also varied prices. High Singapore condo price doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best condo for you. There are many other options available that are more practical and offer just the same quality of living. Finding the right condo with the right price is a matter of patiently looking for a unit. Property agents know the best spots for a practical Singapore price that does not compromise quality.

#5 Lease agreement

If you can find the perfect condo for rent Singapore unit or room in terms of location, amenities, and other factors, then the next thing to consider is the lease agreement. There many hidden rules and regulations in your condo lease agreement. Landlords tend to do this to keep an upper hand when it comes to leasing. One factor to look out for is the high maintenance cost. Singapore condo price is high enough so maintenance cost should be reasonable. 

Be prepared

Since there are many things to consider before renting a condo in Singapore you must be prepared. Read up on basic things such as which factors to consider. In SRX Property, we list down things that are important for you. 

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