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5 Ways to Entertain Guests on your Wedding Day

Your wedding is surely the most special day for you, no doubt about that. But even with the countless hours of planning the perfect itinerary and the best wedding food catering, chances are your guests won’t really treat it as anything but an event to attend to. Even your closest friends might regret going to your wedding if you made it too much about you and you forgot about them.

The best weddings and wedding receptions have two things prioritized. The newlyweds and their guests. If either of the two gets uncomfortable, then chances are your wedding is a dud.

This means that it falls on you, the couple to be wed, and your wedding planner should find ways to keep your wedding guests entertained throughout the whole event. It’s not as hard as it seems. Given you have the budget and the manpower to do so!

Make your wedding day as special for your guests as it is for you by making sure they enjoy every bit of it! Check out these 5 ways to entertain them during some of your downtimes!

Food, Food, and more Food

Wedding Food

Even when you plan on providing the most extravagant dinner to your wedding guests, it’s still a great idea to provide some munchies before the start of the reception. It may not seem like much but having something to munch on as they wait will at least prevent your guests from becoming bored and cranky at the same time!

Try out some of those one-bite appetizers so that your guests won’t be barred from starting a conversation while eating. Skewers, nachos, empanadas, fishballs—there’s so much to suggest given that the Filipino food vocabulary is pretty large when it comes to this!

Seat Them Appropriately

You don’t have to spend a lot on an entertainer. In fact, you can have your guests entertain themselves! Make sure that friends and family are seated with each other, or at the very least, in close proximity to one another. This way, conversations are easier to start, more people can get to talk to each other and voila, it’s a bustling see of happy wedding guests!

Avoid mixing up tables too. Remember. a wedding is usually divided into two. The friends and family of the groom and the friends and family of the bride. Unless the two families are extremely close, then don’t even think about going on an alternate pattern. It might just make your wedding as awkward as it gets.

Stick to the Schedule

Wedding Schedule

Ahh, time—the greatest enemy anyone that’s on a tight schedule has. Particularly in the Philippines, where the concept of Filipino time knows no bounds, it’s pretty hard to stick to their schedule. Yeah, sure there’s about five or ten extra minutes for the formal wedding photoshoot, but you’ll never really be content with just that.

That’s why it’s highly suggested AND recommended that you try your best to stick to the schedule that you’ve planned so hard and carefully for. By doing so, you’ll reduce downtime and awkward waiting moments!

Plus, this also lessens the chances that people will end up looking at their watches and phones all because of a “short” delay in the whole schedule!


There’s not a lot of things that can beat playing games when it comes to entertainment. Don’t let the formal atmosphere limit your childish desires! If you want, you can easily install a game booth or two for some of your guests to enjoy playing! It’s a great way to pass the time by while waiting for things to get settled down, and what do you know, it might become an event of its own when the competition becomes intense!

Games are great activities to bond over or meet new people! If you’re feeling a little bit playful, try putting up some of these booths for your wedding and see the inner child of your guests get unleashed!

Bring out Awards

Magical Wedding

Sometimes sitting around for an hour or two is a bit too boring for some people, especially when they’re not in the spotlight. Keep in mind that most of the time, people put an effort into what they’re wearing and how they look even if they’re just going to a wedding reception. What better way to entertain and reward them than by acknowledging their greatest efforts!

Who’s the best dressed? Who’s the next bride and groom? Make up a number of awards to give out and make your wedding the next Grammy awards!

Key Takeaway

Even when you have an excellent wedding catering service, if your guests don’t seem to enjoy your wedding, they’d probably think that day isn’t that special. Make sure that you make your wedding day a day that you and your guests will never forget by keeping them entertained beyond what they expected!

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