Wedding Thank You Card Basics

Wedding Thank You Card – Basic Guide to Follow for Starter

You and your spouse thank your guests after the ceremony, but the planning starts long before your vows. You might want to create a custom wedding thank you card for guests or use pre-made cards. Learn tips on making wedding thank you cards easy to check off the list of planning items.

General Rules of Wedding Thank You Cards

It is crucial to think about your wedding planning specifics. You may not have considered thank you cards. The invitations need to be coordinated from the other wedding details. They show appreciation for the participants.

1.) Make your list of thank-yous before and after the ceremony and check it twice.

2.) Send out thank you cards as soon as possible to prevent forgetting.

General Rules for How To Make Your List

There are many general rules of thank you card etiquette, especially for weddings, but the most important thing is to be thoughtful and considerate when writing your cards. Send a card to everyone who attended your wedding or sent a gift, even if they didn't say anything during the ceremony or reception.

Thank the people who:

  • Were you in your bridal party
  • Gave you a gift at the wedding
  • Helped with the wedding
  • Attended without sending a gift 
  • Sent a gift without attending

General Rules for Choosing Wedding Thank You Cards

Including thank you cards as part of your supplies for the wedding ensures you won't forget to plan. Some basic guidelines will help make your thank you cards look elegant and classy.

1.) Choose a design that is coordinated with your wedding theme.

When deciding on a thank you card design for your wedding, it is vital to consider the theme of your wedding. For example, if you are getting married at a vineyard, choose a design coordinated with your wedding theme. There are many stylish themed thank you cards available online and in stores. You can also create your own using themed fonts and images.

Coordinating with your wedding fonts and colors can make sending thank you cards a breeze. Find the one that will flatter your wedding style. For example, if your wedding colors are pink and green, consider choosing a thank you card with designs in similar shades and hues.

2.) Include a personalized message.

When you send out thank you cards following your wedding, include a personalized message from you and your spouse. Some couples choose to have printed photos. Show your guests that you genuinely appreciated their attendance at your wedding and make an extra effort to remember them.

3.) Sign with your spouse and send.

A signature on wedding thank you cards is a nice touch that shows that the person sending the card took the time to write it. It can also be a way of personalizing the card for the new couple; recipients often revel in this brand new opportunity for the couple to sign their name together.

Wedding thank you cards are a must-send for any newlywed couple. Ensure that your cards are properly written and sent promptly. Shop the selection of thank you cards at Cards for Causes for fully customizable options with 20% of every order to your chosen charity.


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