5 Ways to get started your fintech applications

Blockchain, being the most advanced technology that is going to innovate the world with exciting use cases and entrepreneurs are ready to get into it.

One of the web3.0 solutions providers announces the release of its series of cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts in their newsroom.

Hivelance, a blockchain & web 3 development company has been releasing the latest exchange clone scripts that are solely developed by their in-house team. We will cover the entire details of the announcements in detail.

Ethereum dapp development simplified

Before delving into the nature of Dapps, it’s important to understand the technology that underpins them: blockchain. Blockchain is a public digital distributed ledger made up of nodes (computers) that store data. In a word, blockchain implementation enables apps to operate on numerous nodes by providing computing capabilities. The applications created on blockchain are known as decentralised applications since there is no centralised control (Dapps). Many popular programmes, such as BitTorrent, operate on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, hence Dapps aren’t unique to distributed ledgers.

From creating smart contracts to deploying testnet with dApp, Hivelance developers are masters in aligning all the key components involved in dApp development.

Decentralized exchange script

Decentralized exchange script from Hivelance is the pre-built programming source code or software that is intended to do the operations of decentralized exchange when deployed. The script should be composed with essential elements like hardware wallet access, multi-crypto support, atomic swap engine, liquidity pool and audited smart contract code.

White label Binance Clone Software

White label Binance clone software from Hivelance is designed for enabling full customization options to the developer hand. The developer can change the code, change the color, change the functionality, or even change the business model behind. But it involved a lot of micro-technical work that needed to be done.

Readymade Paxful Clone Script to Launch Exchange Like Paxful

The readymade Paxful clone script is made for non-tech founders who are inspired by the business model of Paxful. Launch a Paxful like cryptocurrency exchange with a few steps involved. The adaptability, scalability, security are the pillar strength for their Paxful clone script and ready to set up model skips the development process.

WazirX clone

Wazirx clone script from Hivelance redefined the pathway of creating the crypto exchange platform. This clone script is the white labeled website script which encloses the vital features of wazirx. Anyone can establish their exchange by getting this clone script and enable cryptocurrency trading in particular geography.

Hire the technical team

“No matter how techy a founder you are, there should be a technical team behind you. Whether for installing clone scripts or building from scratch. Hire the professional developers who have efficiency in front end, backend programming knowledge”, one of the spokesperson at Hivelance said.

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