6 Effective Steps to Get Your Evaporative Cooling System Ready for Summer

With the approaching summer, the need for evaporative cooling system increases. The excellent cooling efficiency, low power consumption, and environmental-friendly nature make these systems a perfect solution for the summers. However, the Split Air-Conditioning Repair and Service Melbourne is essential to prepare the system for proper functioning.

Here are the necessary steps that you need to follow to ensure the right Evaporative Cooling Installation Melbourne.

Clean the Outside and Inside of the System

If you havecovered the evaporative cooling system during the summers, there are chances of less dirt. In that case, you can clean the system with the use of mildly soapy water. However, if your evaporative cooler is left uncovered, you will have to get rid of all the dead leaves and clean the debris in order to remove the dust that has accumulated over time, making use of a moist rag. But in case of excess dirt, you can avail the professional service of Air Conditioning Maintenance Melbourne.

Replace the Old Evap Filter

The next step is to replace your old filter. However, it will depend on the type of evaporative filter your cooling system has. In case of complete damage to the filter during the de-winterization or winterization process, it is better to replace the filter completely. If you do not replace the filter, the minerals present in the water may cause the hardening of the filter, thereby affecting its proper functioning.

Connect Water Hose

During the cold weather, most people consider unplugging the water line to avoid any kind of issue. However, to make your evaporative cooler functional during summers, you will have to reconnect the water hose. Make sure to fasten the drain stopper properly to avoid any water leakage.

Check for Leaks

The next step is to check for any leakage in the waterline. When the pipe gets damaged, you can see leakage of water. However, smaller leaks can be difficult to identify. Availing the service of an Aircon Installation Company Melbourne can help in the identification of such leaks. 

Run the Evaporative Cooler

Before running the unit, it is important to lubricate its different components. Also, fill the water tank before connecting the power supply. Running your evaporative cooler for some time will help you evaluate whether it is functioning properly or not. 

Get the Unit Serviced

The final step is to get your evaporative cooling unit serviced. The dust and environmental contaminants may limit the motor from functioning properly. So, it is better to avail the professional air conditioning maintenance Melbourne. 


Following these steps will make your cooling system perfectly ready for the summer. Whether you are looking for maintenance service or Commercial Heating Repair in Melbourne, Hitech Air Solution can provide you with the best service.

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