Designing The Car Of Your Dreams? Check This Out.

Vinyl car wraps are a great canvas for creating custom graphics and advertising.

If you’ve caught yourself rubbernecking a mesmerizing colour-shifting vehicle or stared longingly at a sleek matte beauty, you were appreciating the work of a vinyl installer. This newer medium is taking the automotive industry by storm, giving drivers near limitless possibilities when it comes to designing the car of their dreams.

Whether it’s an unusual colour, a unique finish, or a splashy advertisement you want, vinyl is as easy to apply as it is to remove when the time comes for a new look. It’s a reasonably affordable way to protect your car’s paint from scuffs and scratches while you enjoy driving a vehicle with fully customized aesthetics.

Vinyl manufacturers are constantly expanding and improving their products as well. This means more choice for drivers and better-quality vinyls that are durable and beautiful. One of the cool options now on offer is reflective wraps3M’s line is among a few high-quality choice’s drivers have to boost their car’s visibility.

Why Reflective?

Reflective wraps have some distinct advantages for drivers. They’ve long been used to make emergency vehicles more visible. This same high visibility also makes driving safer for the rest of us, because reflective wraps are more easily seen and can also be spotted from further away. Since the number of fatal collisions increases at night, outfitting your car in a reflective wrap can help you stay safer while driving in the dark.

Even foggy and rainy conditions increase risk to drivers. Reflective wraps are more visible in poor weather conditions and are activated by artificial light like headlights, meaning they’ll make your car more easily seen by other drivers.

Additionally, vinyl car wraps are a great canvas for creating custom graphics and advertising. They provide a high return on investment and can generate huge audiences by putting your message on what essentially becomes a travelling billboard.

Now imagine that your ad lights up, making it visible both day and night whenever and wherever your car travels. That’s what reflective wraps can do for your advertising. Your brand and logo will have a huge wow factor. Printing on reflective vinyl results in vibrant aesthetics with colors that stay true both day and night.

The Technology

While reflective vinyl used to be challenging to install, advancements in manufacturing now enable the same flawless installation drivers have come to expect from other vinyls. They use a float technology that allows them to glide onto the surface, be repositioned as necessary, and recover with heat application instead of being permanently bruised or marked. They’re also printable so you don’t have to compromise on quality graphics when you want your wrap to be reflective.

Reflective vinyls have a normal appearance during the day but at night, when they’re exposed to artificial light, they almost glow. This is because they’re made with highly reflective materials that bounce light back in the direction it came from.

Retroreflective vinyl has glass beads mixed into the pigment to create a light-bouncing effect while prismatic vinyls are made with microscopic prisms. They’re similarly more difficult to cut than other vinyls, but both are highly reflective (with prismatic vinyls bouncing light at slightly wider angles). 

Be Visible

The application of reflective wraps that used to be exclusively on emergency vehicles is now accessible to anyone who wants to increase the visibility of their vehicle and brand.

With incredible aesthetics that are as noticeable at night as they are in broad daylight, reflective vinyls have opened up endless options for drivers who want to customize their cars. Add accents or highlight sections like the rear door walls to boost nighttime visibility and safety. Create unique and engaging ads. Enhance your brand visibility with logos that pop.

Contact a reputable vinyl installer near you to find out how reflective vinyls can make the car of your dreams a reality, no matter the time of day. 


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