6 Important Points For Buying and Maintaining Anarkali Kurtis

 It is very important thing for all females to fill up the wardrobe with wonderful kurtis and many girls buy lot of kurtis because this is one outfit which is very popular as well as considered as a routine wear. However to take care of each kurti is another task and if any girl has been wondering how to maintain Anarkali Kurti then she will surely get the answer by going through this post! After all every girl wants to wear such heavy kurti for long time and that’s why it is necessary for all girls to know some key points regarding buying and maintenance  of such  outfit.

Where to buy Kurtis?

The main confusion we all have is whether we should buy clothes from online or from a store. We all have our favorite boutiques and online stores from which we always buy stylish kurtis because what we want easily get it from them. But remember one thing due to high demand of this tunic, there are so many manufacturer who produce same type of designs with using different material. It means you can see price variation for each piece. Now the question is which store is offering genuine Anarkali Kurtis at an affordable price? The simple answer is the seller who doesn’t deal in half price or buy one get one offer can be trustable because this retailer is not misleading the customer by offering attractive discount.  Fixed price in Kurti comes with quality and dependability which you may not get it at cheap rate. Also before buying kurtis online do remember to read their customer reviews. You will also get to see the original image of the product posted by the buyers so that you can get to know whether the website is offering true product or misleading its customers. So always buy from a genuine online store. 

Don’t select oversize Kurti

Sometimes it happens that you love one wonderful kurti , unfortunately ,the shopkeeper doesn’t  have proper size  and offers to resize it for you. Our opinion is to don’t buy it because it cannot be resizable according to your body because it is either too fit or too loose. Instead try to shop online where all size variation are available depending on your body fittings and you will need no alteration.

Don’t attract to bright colors

Generally bright colors tend to loose from georgette, crepe, or cotton fabric, sadly! All manufacturers use these materials to craft readymade Kurtis and sooner or later Bright colored kurti gets dull that’s why particularly for Kurtis, you  should only select pastel or neon colors and set the contrast combination with wearing Dark color scarf.

Don’t overstock

Be mature and don’t just buy too many Kurti from online store or at boutique store because you get it at half price or at Buy one get one or Bye 2 get three free. Understand the logic behind these promotional offers, they are offering such attractive offers to clear the outdated stocks. So be choosy and only order or buy what you like the most.


At first find out which cleaning agent provides best effect to Kurti tunic after washing so just check out Kurti after it gets dry. By looking at shine of the kurtis, one can easily identify which detergent is good for Kurti, if the outfit looses color than you should have changed detergent instantly.

Art of Ironing

Always use the ironing device with having facility to adjust the heat. We don’t generally set heat for any other clothes like jeans and cotton salwar kameez but for different tunic like georgette Kurtis,  Anarkali kurti or Pakistani Kurti, we have to adjust the heat  as per the fabric’s sustainability.

If you love to get ready in Anarkali Kurtis for different occasions then you  will definitely like to purchase wholesale Kurtis online on a regular basis and after reading this post now you can smartly buy and maintain such outfit for long time.

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