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7 Daily Habits + Tips to Keeping Your House Clean and Brand New

Buying a new home doesn’t mean you can expect it to keep working as new forever. All things come to an end regardless of how brand new they are. Truth is, we can’t stop things from breaking down but we can do several things to prolong their existence. So how is that possible?

Two Things


First, know that maintaining cleanliness is what keeps homes look brand new. You hear what they say, a home represents the attitude of the people who live here. Mainly because homeowners, residents, inhabitants, tenants (or whatsoever you call them) are responsible for the proper care and management of their homes. So, don’t get surprised by how your home looks like because that only shows the level of effort you put in keeping it good and stable.


Secondly, know that the role of home in a person’s life, health, and security is highly significant. It provides comfort and a living space that reduces a person’s stress and helps shape his well-being. But how do residents find comfort in a messy, old rotten house with systems and surfaces about to break down?

Starting today, learn to preserve your home and tomorrow you’ll get surprised by the fruits of your effort. It’s important to listen to builders’ advice, especially when you take ownership of your brand-new house from a project home builder. Another tip, instead of cleaning your homes every week, make it daily. Following these daily habits in order to keep your house clean can save you tons of chores on weekends. I bet you’d rather spend Saturdays on relaxing activities than sweeping and scrubbing off the floor, right?

Start by making the bed

the bed

Some people believe that making the bed every single day is just a waste of time. What they argue about is that we all sleep every night and get our beds messy afterward so what’s the sense of fixing something that’s meant to rumple? Makes a little sense but really there’s a big difference in how tidy a bedroom looks. Don’t you love to climb into a made bed at the end of a tiring day? To make it easier for you, try to simplify your bed by reducing bulky pillows and sheets.

Set up your cleaning goals


It’s impossible to clean all sides and corners of your home for a short time, especially when cleaning only happens before and after you go to work. So make a list of 2-3 rooms or areas you’d like to get done and then prioritize it for a certain period of the day.

Empty the dishwasher after each meal or snack

dishwasher clean

Kitchen is one of the highest traffic areas for dirt. Focus on cleaning this room to prevent the spread of dirt and bacteria throughout the rest of the house. Make it a habit to wash the dishes right after every meal or snack. Don’t forget to wipe the sink, taps, and table surfaces to fight the rotten stuff that usually rests in it. Do the same with the bathroom sink and toilet bowl.

Always use floor mats

floor mats

If you can’t train your family to remove their shoes inside the home’s premises, there’s one strategy to keep most of the dirt out. Place floor mats both inside and outside of all exterior doors. Do not forget to vacuum or shake them outside every few days then follow with a sweep on the floor.

Keep your carpet clean

carpet clean

Do the same thing with your carpet. Removing strands of hair or bits of small messes can help make the vacuuming easier. Do at least twice or thrice a week.

Paint every 5-7 years


This way helps you fight wear and tear of walls, doors, and other significant parts and surfaces of the house. The interior does not require a regular painting compared with exterior that needs more frequent repair due to weather conditions. But still depends on the current circumstances of both interior and exterior parts.

Declutter for once in a while



Decluttering isn’t done every day but it’s a useful tip to prolong the life of your home. Less items on counters and surface tops can help make the cleaning easier. You can remove unnecessary stuff, those that you no longer use, or those you think will only mess around at home.

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