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Ordering Perfect Bound Booklets? 4 Tips to Layout the Cover Properly

Are you planning to get perfect bound booklets for your promotion? Read the blog to know more.

When you are placing your order for a soft cover booklet, you can have a few choices to choose from. Apart from saddle stitching and coil bound, there is also another option that you can go for, i.e. perfect bound booklets. Now, when you are planning to get the booklets for your brand, it is necessary that you think of laying out the cover properly.
For a perfect bound booklet, the cover will play a huge role. In case, when you are thinking of appealing to the potential clients, it is necessary that you think of creating the maximum impact with the quality and the design. And for that, the cover can make the maximum impact. It all depends on how you are going to design the layout. So, before you hire a company for booklet printing, it is necessary for you to know how you will be able to get the layout, right? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Seek Help for Determining the Spine Width

Spine Width

For a booklet cover, the spine width plays a vital role. You won’t be able to figure it out until you know two very important things. First, you have to determine the number of pages and then you have to find out the thickness of the pages you are using for your booklets. So, when you are thinking of getting the width of the spine, consult the company of high-quality printing services you are hiring about the aforementioned factors. Once you get the right numbers and the measured thickness, you will get the right width too.

Don’t Go for Separate Cover Component


Visualize a booklet and think how the cover actually looks like. It comes out of a single sheet of paper that wraps the pages in both ends as well as the spine. So, when you are coming up with a layout, it is necessary that you think of getting the design and the artwork in a single layout. When you are hiring booklet printing services, it is necessary that you think of choosing the artwork keeping this factor in mind. You will get the option of uploading the artwork. It will be helpful and hassle-free if you are opting for a single layout.

Proper Set Up Bleed and Crop Mark

Crop Mark

The short thin lines that determine where the papers should be pasted is known as the crop mark. It is present in the four corners to determine the place of trimming the paper after printing. Bleed is the area where the ink mark can spread on the page. Ideally, it ensures that for the cover, there will be no unprinted area left. Mostly, the perfect bound booklets come with a bleed as the design covers the very edge of the page. Hence, you need to print the cover in a large paper and bleed should be bigger than what the booklet cover is supposed to be.

Keep the Important Information Away from the Edge


For a soft cover booklet, the pages inside are pasted with a strong adhesive with the spine. The other three sides of the printed paper will be trimmed and set according to the side of the booklet. So, when you are getting the covers and the pages printed, it is necessary that you think of adding text or any important information away from the edge. Keep it 3/8” from the crop line so that the information doesn’t get trimmed while finishing. Be rest assured, any reputed and affordable printing services will recommend the same.
So, now as you know about these ways to come up with the perfect layout for your perfect bound booklet printing, what are you waiting for? Hire high-quality printing services that offer fast turnaround and 100% client satisfaction and forget your worries.

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