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7 Must-Have Tools For the Advanced Sales Team in 2019

Having innovative sales advanced tools is vital for your sales team to carry out their responsibilities effortlessly and efficiently.

A quick Google search can show numerous productivity apps for all types of industries and purposes. Sounds easy, right? Well, not exactly.  When it comes to getting the proper tools for your sales team, the “finding part” might be simple, but being in a position to determine which ones will trulybenefit them and make them more adept in their work? Not so much.

Stop the guesswork; we have assembled a list of seven tools your sales team should be using this year if you really wish to increase their productivity.

  1. SalesLoft

Your sales team should know as much info as possible about their prospects, and that info should be up-to-date, accurate, and easily accessible. SalesLoft will ease the process of hunting for prospects, finding phone numbers and email addresses, importing prospects from social websites and more.  This information/data automatically link with your Salesforce database, thus becoming easy to build a reliable prospect list.

SalesLoft Sales Team

  1. Boomerang

Your sales team might be aware of the ideal time to contact prospects; however, what if they have an important meeting scheduled at that specific time? Boomerang is an application that makes it easy for your sales representatives,to schedule several emails to go out in their preferred time despite them not being in the office. The service syncs with various email systems and comprises easy email templates and personalized email content to rightly appeal to prospects.

Boomerang Sales Team

  1. Docurated

Is your sales team aware of every piece of promotion content available? Alternatively, do they knowthe ideal situation of when to use that content during presentations? Docurated is a useful tool that helps your sales team create bespoke content for prospects easily and quickly. They can sift through all the organization’s existing content based on particular keywords, then compile precisely what they want and export it to a PowerPoint presentation. This software saves time and helps create more relevant and practical presentations to close deals sooner.

Docurated Sales Team

  1. Datanyze

Great salespeople always watch their competition, in order to remain at the top of the game. Datanyze is an incredible sales tool which allows sales departments to track customers who are using your competitors’ products and – most notably – who have stopped using them.

If a client has terminated their contract with your competitor, it’s high time you made a call. Additionally, it allows you to target potential clients who use products/services like yours and attempt to win them over. The app even helps you find email addresses of new prospects, and more so, link with them on LinkedIn.

  1. eSign Genie

Sales processes entail a lot of back and forth, particularly when you are in the contractreview and signing phase of business. When you are selling products like software, there are usually legal teams involved, several signatures needed, hence taking a lot ofyour time.

Wouldn’t be good if you can make that process quicker and smoother? That’s where eSign Genie comes in. eSign Genie is an esignature solution that lets your sales team sign pdf documents online (or any other type of document for that matter) anywhere, from any device.

Basically, eSign Genie helps them (sales reps) send a sales contract from any part of the world; get the client to sign it and even redline it all online. Your sales reps will avoid the trouble of getting your sale processes finalized on time. Above all, this software is secure, highly customizable, reasonably priced, and easily fits into any organization.

eSign Genie Sales Team

  1. Me

If you asked any sales personnel what their most significant challenge is, they would say something in regards to booking meetings. The amount of time and effort spent trying to find a date/time that works perfectly for your sales team,and the clients could have been used in doing something more important. Well, rather than spending precious time trying to coordinate an appropriate time to meet, your sales reps can use an app referred to as YouCanBook.Me, which lets the clients book meetings directly into their calendar.

The tool syncs up with the sales reps’ calendar; meaning, the clients are able to see the available time slots. They can pick a date ortime that works perfectly on their end,and the calendar will send them (reps) an invite link, of which they can accept or decline. This saves a lot of time and eventually makes your potential clients’ lives easier, as well.

  1. Slack

Slack increase sales productivity by acting as a user-friendly communication channel for your sales team and considerably reducing back-and-forth emails. Actually, there is a reason why Slack enjoys 8 million daily active users – it is a great platform.

Slack provides a centralized area where your sales team can converse, host meetings, share files and updates in real time. You can have public or private channels for individual teams and topics, allowing anybody to connect as necessary (unlike emails).

Slack Sales Team

Are you ready to give these sales productivity apps a shot?

There you have it, seven highly recommended tools that can help your entire sales team get more tasks done and guarantee faster results. The good thing is that the majority of the above-mentioned tools are not just limited to your sales department. Even other departments in your organization can benefit from their use. The only important thing left to do now is to make a purchase. 2019 should be the year your sales team outperform themselves.

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