What Is Salesforce And What Does It Do In 2020?

In any business organisation, the department that brings in key revenue is that of sales. Every single activity performed by every single department is dedicated tow

In any business organisation, the department that brings in key revenue is that of sales. Every single activity performed by every single department is dedicated towards driving up the sales. Therefore, customers acquire the topmost priority position in a business house as they are ones contributing to the firm’s revenue. As customers are pivotal to an organisation, so is an efficient way of managing them.

What Is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the critical process of managing the needs of the customers and building a long-lasting relationship with them. A CRM software largely performs all the functions regarding the management of customer database and analysing sales activities through a computerised system. This changed the game for business enterprises and they started flocking towards these systems as quickly as they could. Of all such CRM software, Salesforce is the one that has emerged as a market leader. 

What Is Salesforce?

Efficient automation and personalised customer service is what is Salesforceall about. Salesforce is basically a cloud-based CRM platform that helps a business organisation maintain its customer database, analyse the database by matching it with activities performed by the sales representatives and giving suggestions in the areas where the firm needs to improve. Salesforce has brought in a pleasant change in the way CRM was looked at by businesses and helped them flourish in their respective industries. 

Walking Into 2020 With Salesforce

As we are at the cusp of entering a new decade, automation in the field of CRM is going to be more necessary than it ever was. New small, medium and giant business enterprises are coming up at an unforeseen speed and the competition in the market only getting more intense. In this environment, Salesforce would serve as an oar to your boat as you sail into the new year! 

Here are some of the key Salesforce features that you should make maximum use of in the year to come:

Salesforce Lightning

Launched in 2015, Lightning is the latest user interface introduced by the team of Salesforce. With an advanced interface and easy to understand features, Lightning is definitely the future of CRM. Along with a system that helps you with the process of lead generation, lead scoring, customer communication, making sales and conducting follow-up with the click of a button, Lightning also includes an enhanced artificial intelligence component that predicts customer behaviour.

Though Lightning is the need of the hour and it is important to get your Salesforce upgraded, it is advisable to approach Salesforce Consultant before making the shift, owing to the training and acquaintance required to use the new interface.

Salesforce1 Mobile

As we move into a new decade, you need to understand the need for work flexibility in your organisation. Employees no longer want to be seated at their desks for hours on end and stick to rigid work hours. Go for Salesforce1 Mobile – a mobile version of Salesforce that would help your team work any time from anywhere they wish. 

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